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Watercolor Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis

Join Johannes for easy color mixing lessons from a limited palette of primary colors to create a range of hues, values and tones, lessons on basic brush strokes and other techniques for creating lines and shapes of various sizes, and ways to apply these basic lessons to create beautiful landscape paintings such as trees, seascapes, and buildings in a landscape.

New Arrivals

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Watercolor Unleashed

Watercolor Unleashed from Julie Gilbert Pollard will show you how to expand your watercolor painting skills an approach watercolor in new ways. Learn great traditional watercolor painting techniques as well as tips for achieving a loose, painterly quality.

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Art Lessons with Lee Hammond: Draw Animals in Nature

Learn to Draw Animals in a realistic way when you create them in their natural habitats! Create artwork as realistic as real life with tips from an expert draftsman!

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