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A Step-By-Step Guide to Watercolor Still Lifes eBook

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The Must-Have Step-By-Step Guide to Watercolor Still Lifes

Instant access to 7 step-by-step art lessons

Now you can create beautiful and vibrant still life paintings. Master both medium and subject matter with art lessons from American Watercolor Society President Emeritus Janet Walsh, fine artist Yachiyo Beck, and artist-instructor Lori Woodward.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Watercolor Still Lifes is an instant download eBook with 3 essential step-by-step still life demos, 4 in-depth exercises, and 3 artist profiles, handpicked by the trusted experts at American Artist magazine. Get access to instructions and expert how-tos to create images that are fresh, vibrant, and teeming with life.

Download this must-have resource today to:

  • Celebrate the beauty of nature with art lessons in how to paint flowers—the perfect starting place for a beginner watercolor artist.
  • Accurately reflect your vision in your next painting—learn to simplify shapes, colors, and edges.
  • Get to know your paints—develop a thorough knowledge of the properties and behavior of pigments crucial to success.
  • Discover composition and material advice from the experts such as using tracing paper to decide where and what value to make your negative spaces.
  • Learn to paint tough subjects without getting too technical using Janet Walsh’s 5 steps to drawing the container.
  • Enhance visual interest in every piece with a start-to-finish still life demo you will learn to vary the shapes and colors of specific elements for enhanced design.
  • Create colored glass with ease—discover tips to build layers, vary cool and warm colors, and maintain the best balance of shapes and edges.
  • And more!

Uncover essential instruction to painting exquisite pieces. Learn the essentials today with this guide to painting techniques and expert how-tos made easy.

Download your copy instantly — A Step-by-step Guide to Watercolor Still Lifes eBook goes directly to your computer—it’s quick and simple. No shipping charges and no wait time! You can create beautiful compositions right away!


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