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Acrylic Artist Summer 2014 Special Issue


You’ll love this brand-new special issue publication of Acrylic Artist if you want to:

  • Explore a new medium: Galleries of vibrant and varied acrylic and mixed-media paintings—along with tips from fellow artists who share their own processes and creative lives—inspire fine artists of all skill levels to try this versatile medium.
  • Discover new methods: From flinging, spattering and pouring paint to adding texture and collage elements to the painting surface, easy-to-follow techniques provide beginner and intermediate acrylic artists with new ideas for self-expression.
  • Be inspired to create: Explore materials and subjects in new ways; expand your skills; and nurture your creative spirit.

Get this special issue of Acrylic Artist--in print or as a download! This Summer 2014 special issue includes an overview of basic acrylic tools and materials for those just getting started; step-by-step demonstrations; creative painting ideas; compelling interviews with acrylic and mixed-media artists; innovative and experimental techniques that will incite new discoveries; and more.

Highlights of the Summer 2014 issue of Acrylic Artist include:

  • Crash Course in Acrylic: How to use paints and binders to their full potential
  • Pioneers & Precursors: How acrylic paint spawned an avant-garde movement
  • The Acrylic Spirit: 29 artists share their secrets

Here's what you'll find in this creative guide to art's most versatile medium:
Crash Course on Acrylic
Explore the essential aspects of the medium with this overview on how to use acrylic paints and binders to their fullest potential.
By Nancy Reyner

Pioneers & Precursors
In the late 1950s, the invention of acrylic polymer paint inspired a number of avant-garde processes. See how Kenneth Noland, Helen Frankenthaler, Anne Truitt, Robert Motherwell and Sam Gilliam pushed paintings off the wall.
By Maureen Bloomfield

Freedom Reigns; Beauty Results
Mary Alice Braukman finds that a few rules at the start of class allow her workshop participants to better enjoy the artistic liberties afforded by working in mixed media.
By Bob Bahr

Pieces of Parts
Marike Kleynscheldt often incorporates items of personal significance in her still lifes, providing a window into her passions and curiosities.
By Lauren B. Kirchner

A World of Detail in One Square Inch
Using Photoshop to manipulate, blur and zoom in on his photo reference, Garry Kaye meticulously renders the landscape one tiny square at a time.
By BJ Foreman

On the Move
Footloose, inventive and dynamic, Robert Burridge experiments with acrylic and collage in evolving series.
By Christine McHugh

Shaping the City
John K. Harrell wields layers of paint to represent the vitality of urban landscapes.
By Austin R. Williams

Painting as Portal
Charles Gibbons thinks of abstraction as a way to engage the viewer's mind.
By BJ Foreman

The Power of Suggestion
Nina Maguire's beguiling atmospheric visions in acrylic arise from a gradual layering of veils of color and the softening of edges.
By John A. Parks

Behind the Canvas
Hatsuko Mary Higuchi explains the inspiration behind her award-winning painting, which combines words and images to tell a story.
By Anne Hevener

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