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Acrylic Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis

By Johannes Vloothuis

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You’ll Love This If:

  • You want to improve your acrylic landscape paintings
  • You need to learn how to mix colors or learn more about color theory
  • You want to paint beautiful acrylic landscapes and seascapes

In this video, beginning students will learn how to mix acrylic paints and apply various brush strokes and other techniques to create beautiful landscape paintings. You’ll learn the advantages of painting with acrylics plus discover techniques that give you plenty of options with basic tools and paints. Then, you’ll join Johannes and learn how to apply techniques in five different landscape demonstrations ranging from stone walls and flowers to snow-covered evergreens and rain over a distant mountain.

Paint Applications You’ll Learn:

  • Dry-brush technique holding brush parallel to paper for bushes, seafoam and flowers
  • Twist and turn: Using all the sides of a brush to create variance in a line
  • Drag and pull to create tree bark and fence posts without duplicating shapes and forms
  • How to create soft edges
  • Create a color variegation
  • How to create thin lines using a small brush or a palette knife
  • Splayed brushes to create grass strands and rusted tin roofs
  • Creating texture on rocks and tree trunks
  • How to make splatters for snow, sand and stars in the sky
  • Scumbling on a painting

Join Johannes for this all-inclusive introduction to acrylic landscape painting today!

Watch a preview of this video now:


You can also download each chapter in this video individually:



Artist’s grade Acrylic Paints (limited palette) from Atelier
Permanent Alizarine
French Ultramarine Blue
Cadmium Yellow Light
Slow-Dri Gel Retarder (Liquitex)
Super Heavy Gesso (Liquitex)

Linen or cotton canvases
Boards (prepare with gesso)
Canvas pad for practice

Large, medium and small hog bristle or synthetic brushes
Square-edged synthetic sable brush
Pastry brush
Toothbrush for snow and splatter

Palettes, disposable or glass panel or stay-wet
Paint scraper
Palette knife
Fine Mist Water Sprayer (Atelier)
Water bucket/dishes


A frequent workshop instructor for WetCanvas, instructor and painter Johannes Vloothuis has traveled all over North America giving workshops and demonstrations. With experience in all the main painting mediums, Johannes brings a wealth of knowledge to thousands of students both in person and online. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and has won awards from the Mexican Society of Watercolor Artists. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and galleries around the world. More information, along with his paintings, can be found at

SKU GROUP-U8413-U8414
Author/Speaker/Editor Johannes Vloothuis
Runtime 111 minutes
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