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Acrylic Painting Techniques: Creative Textures

By Chris Crozen

Format: Video

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You will love this acrylic painting video if:

  • You love to work in acrylic paints
  • You want to enhance your artwork with surface texture
  • You are looking for tips for using stamps, stencils, and mixed-media with several types of acrylic medium

Create rich and beautiful artwork with several layers of texture in this video by Chris Cozen! Through multiple demonstrations learn how to achieve a variety of surface textures with acrylic mediums.

Learn Chris’s favorite acrylic techniques and supplies as she works with the natural characteristics of each product to guide and enhance your paintings. Learn how to apply several techniques and textures with common household items including cheese cloth, combs, and kitchen stencils. Build up and layer techniques for making smooth and rough surfaces. Add vibrant acrylic paint to create interesting effects and make the texture pop. Chris will also show you how to add interest to dull paintings and fix mistakes.

Boost your artwork today with dynamic surfaces and exciting effects in this Acrylic Painting Techniques: Creative Textures video!

In Acrylic Painting Techniques: Creative Textures you’ll find:

  • Techniques for using acrylic paint as watermedia
  • 13 different acrylic painting techniques for different surface types
  • 113 minutes of expert instruction from renowned Golden working artist and instructor Chris Cozen

Preview now to get a taste of the different techniques Chris uses for creating exciting textures.


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Golden Paints in a variety of colors:
Heavy Body
High Flow

Non-Absorbent Texture Products
Molding Paste
Gel Mediums in Heavy and Regular and soft
Tar gel
Self-Leveling Gel

Absorbent Texture Products
Light Molding Paste
Coarse Molding Paste
Fiber Paste
Crackle Paste
Pumice gel
Glass Bead gel

Canvas board
Illustration board
Papers (watercolor and acrylic)
Deli Paper

Brushes and Tools:
Brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes
Palette knives
Texture tools (stamps, stencils, cheesecloth, bubblewrap, etc.)
Rags and paper towels


About the Artist

Chris Cozen is a member of the Working Artist Program for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. She lectures and teaches throughout Southern California and is the author of several books on acrylic painting techniques. With a background in education Chris teaches workshops and classes to artists with a full range of experience. Visit for more information.

Author/Speaker/Editor Chris Crozen
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Format Video
Runtime 113 minutes
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