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Acrylic Painting With Lee Hammond

By Lee Hammond

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Acrylic Painting Book If:

  • You want to learn basic acrylic painting techniques step-by-step
  • You love to paint & want to explore new subjects
  • You love learning along with expert artist, Lee Hammond

Lee Hammond shares her more than 20 years of painting experience with beginning artists in this exciting acrylic painting book. Get started in this versatile medium with these invaluable acrylic painting techniques. Create bold colors, interesting textures, realistic shadows and reflections with these clear & simple exercises & lessons. There are entire chapters dedicated to the most popular painting subjects including, landscapes, flowers, portraits, still life and animals.

Learn what tools and materials you’ll need to achieve acrylic success on your canvas and mix the right colors for your intended subject. Acrylic Painting with Lee Hammond also includes acrylic painting exercises that will challenge you and help you take your art to the next level. Each of the 25 acrylic painting demonstrations is created by Lee Hammond to help beginning acrylic artists with everything they’ll need to create their own unique art.

In Acrylic Painting With Lee Hammond You’ll Learn:

  • Tips & techniques for painting textures, shadows, reflections & more using acrylic paints
  • How to paint acrylic landscapes, still life, portraits, animals and flowers
  • Beginning acrylic painting techniques that are easy-to-follow & master

Check Out This Excerpt From Acrylic Painting with Lee Hammond:

For this technique, use a still hog-bristle flat brush and unthinned paint. Dip just the ends of the bristles into full-strength paint. Wipe the brush back and forth on the palette to remove excess paint. Wipe a little more paint off with a rag. Then, scrub lightly with short strokes. Because there is barely any paint on the brush, the paint will be ’hit and miss.’ This irregular application creates a textured appearance.

Tear off small pieces from a common cellulose kitchen sponge. Dip them into paint, then apply the paint with a quick dabbing motion. Use many different layers of color, from light, medium and dark, and you can make beautiful trees and landscapes. Tearing off new pieces ensures that the edges are different every time and you won’t end up with repeat patterns. A dry sponge piece will create a more distinct edge; a damp one makes a softer impression. When the paint gets dry, the sponge becomes hardened; just through the pieces away.

Sometimes you need more control over the paint’s application. Dabbing means making tiny spots of paint with a small liner brush. You could use this technique to create foliage; small flowers or patterns in lace.

A Word From the Author:

"This book is a collection of colorful projects designed to help you learn to paint with acrylics. The more than 25 step-by-step projects will also give you a wide range of subject matter to enjoy. Some of the projects may look complex, but remember that painting with acrylics is all about painting in layers. Since acrylics dry rapidly, it is easy to keep adding details or to cover up previous applications a little at a time. You’re never "stuck" when you work with acrylic paint; it is a very forgiving medium." — Lee Hammond
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SKU 33375
Additional Feature 40 b&w photos, 200 color photos
Author/Speaker/Editor Lee Hammond
File/Trim Size 11 x 8.5
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781581807097
Number Of Pages 128

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