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Acrylic Revolution

By Nancy Reyner

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You’ll Love This Acrylic Painting Book If:

  • You love trying new approaches using acrylic paints
  • You want to try acrylic techniques that go beyond the basic
  • You love combining acrylic painting with other medium

Create impressive acrylic paintings with the step-by-step instruction in Acrylic Revolution. With these exercises you’ll quickly master acrylic painting basics & more advanced acrylic painting techniques & tutorials. 101 acrylic painting tricks are featured in these instructional pages. Each trick is accompanied by a demonstration clearly explaining how you can achieve the same effects. Learn how to paint with acrylics from expert artist Nancy Reyner.

Art students, crafters, weekend painters and professional artists will all find something new to learn in Acrylic Revolution. After you’ve mastered all the featured acrylic painting techniques you’ll see how they can be combined in order to create revolutionary pieces. A gallery of finished works show you how to paint with acrylics in new and exciting ways.

In Acrylic Revolution You’ll Learn:

  • How to use different tools such as sponges, string, palette knives and much more to create different acrylic effects
  • Tips and techniques for surface treatments and spatial effects
  • How to stencil, transfer, collage & other techniques for painting with acrylics
  • How to create textures using plastic wrap, petroleum jelly, alcohol dissolve & other techniques

Check Out This Excerpt From Acrylic Revolutions:

Acrylic appears lighter in color when wet. The acrylic binder is naturally white when wet, but dries clear and glossy. With acrylic paints, the color will appear lighter when wet but will go to its natural color when dry. The more mediums and gels you add to a paint color, the great the difference between this lighter version when wet and its natural color when dry.

Acrylic is naturally glossy. Matte products such as matte mediums, matte gels and matte varnishes have matting agent (a fine white powder) added to them to create their characteristic appearance. This matting agent will slightly cloud and lighten colors underneath. The thicker the application of a matte product, the more this cloudy and lightening effect will be apparent. Techniques 31, 42 and 92 describe methods that use matte products to create interesting effects. Acrylic products labeled semigloss or satin have matting agent in them as well, just less in proportion to a matte product.

What Our Editor’s Are Saying:

"I use acrylics almost exclusively. I received this book as a Christmas gift and found it to be most informative. There were a number of new ideas and an abundance of reminders of techniques used previously. I recommend it for all artists especially for those who might be toying with using acrylics." — Allison M. Haden, Online Content Development Manager – Fine Art
"When Nancy Reyner and I were developing a book on acrylic painting, we wanted to create something that encompassed the scope of acrylic painting and how versatile this paint has become. The resulting book, Acrylic Revolution, contains 101 different techniques broken down into easy steps that will enhance any acrylic artist's process. There is something in this book for every artist, a veritable handbook of modern acrylic techniques." — Jamie Markle, Publisher, North Light Books

What Other Artist’s Are Saying:

"Nancy Reynor shares proven tips and techniques for acrylic painting projects along with step-by-step demonstrations in this comprehensive, classic text." — Carolyn Tardy
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SKU 33483-U3624-GROUPED
Additional Feature 300 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Nancy Reyner
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ISBN 13 9781581808049
Number Of Pages 128
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