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Alternative Art Surfaces

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You’ll love this surface design book if:

  • You want to learn how to paint on a variety of art surfaces
  • You’re interested in applying mixed-media techniques to new & unusual materials
  • You’re looking for mixed-media inspiration for surface design

Rather than an in-depth guide offering extensive information on merely one technique, Alternative Art Surfaces by Darlene McElroy and Sandra Wilson is a compendium of information, inspiration, new ideas, and techniques for mixed-media painting and surface design. Included are 20 chapters filled to the brim with mixed-media techniques and ideas for painting on more than 35 unique art surfaces, from metal of different types, cast acrylic, and resin, to stone, wax, specialty papers, found objects, and much more.
For each art surface, gather helpful tips and techniques for preparing it, as well as various ways to embellish the surface with different mediums. Step-by-step instructions and illustrative images not only help clarify the techniques shown, but also provide mixed-media inspiration to help you get your creative juices flowing. Top off your projects with suggestions for finishing and mounting your work, so you can show it off!

In Alternative Art Surfaces you’ll find:

  • 100+ surface design techniques for working on over 35 unique art surfaces
  • 125+ tips for troubleshooting, preparing your surfaces, finishing & mounting your art, & taking your art to the next level
  • Over 50 finished pieces of art showcasing the surfaces & techniques, & providing mixed-media inspiration

A word from the authors:
“Sometimes one must stand on the box, throw out reason and archival considerations, and just do something for the fun of it—let yourself play.” —Darlene McElroy & Sandra Wilson

About the authors:
Sandra Duran Wilson is influenced by scientific concepts, the dream state and the nature of materials. She loves to experiment and push the limits of paints, mediums and surfaces. She enjoys the tactile aspect of paint and what it can do, and she has always been an inventor of new ways to use existing tools and materials. She loves to paint ideas; to make them visible, beautiful and abstract so others may enter them and create their own reality.
Darlene Olivia McElroy comes from an old New Mexico family of storytellers and artists. She began making art the fi rst time she found a wall and a drawing instrument. Darlene attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and has worked as an illustrator both in the United States and in Paris. She went from creating illustration traditionally to becoming one of the fi rst nationally recognized digital illustrators in the late 1980s.

1. Metal: Aluminum, Tin, Steel & Rust
2. Metal Leaf
3. Metal Foil, Shims & Screen
4. Mica
5. Cast Acrylic
6. Glass, Mirrors & Faux Mirrors
7. Resin
8. Cement, Mortar & Unsanded Grout
9. Plaster of Paris, Venetian Plaster & Plaster Gauze
10. Clay, Paperclay & Clay Monoprints
11. Rawhide, Suede & Leather
12. Wood & Wood Veneers
13. Stone
14. Floral Foam, Spray Foam & Cell Foam
15. Acrylic Skins
16. Specialty Papers
17. Fabric
18. Nylon, Vinyl & Linoleum
19. Wax
20. Found Objects & Odds and Ends
About Sandra Duran Wilson
About Darlene Olivia McElroy

ISBN 13 9781440329449
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Someething for everyone Review by Janene

I recieved this book yesterday and have bookmarked many ideas and projects I'll try soon. It is a breath of fresh air, as so many art books lately are just rehashed techniques we are familiar with. This book offers ideas for new surfaces and tells us what it takes to alter them with good supply lists, excellent photography and well written directions. For those artists who are bored and wanting to try some new ideas, this is a good book for you. You'll be thinking outside the box with this book.

(Posted on 5/8/2014)

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