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American Artist Studios, 2011 Digital Download

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Create a space that loves you back

Discover a behind-the-scenes look at well-designed art studios, photo essays, and smart design tips, perfect whether you're building your first-time studio or making your current space even more efficient.

American Artist Studios is back with a special issue devoted to making beautiful and functional spaces for all your creative needs. Dive into this must-have issue and discover all the top artist profiles, sneak peeks into private studio spaces, details on the creative processes of the experts, and must-know tips to making your studio space work for you.

On a budget? No problem, this special issue provides a wide range of options to fit every budget, from a ground up construction project to the best advice to clear up distracting clutter in a basement alcove, Studios is your information source to whip your creative space into shape.

Discover these incredible features and more from this issue:

  • Benefit from fellowship, mentoring, and sharing resources and contacts—American Artist editorial director shares the advantages of artist communities.
  • Overcome space, lighting and electrical challenges with tips from top New York painter on creating a space that feels like home.
  • Fuel your passion with shared spaces as Los Angeles artists in the McCaw family do, with an exclusive interview with father and sons on the infectious creativity that sparks from a shared creative environment.
  • Transform any space into a workable studio—learn from the pitfalls and successes of a former church that has been converted to a successful studio alcove.
  • Be inspired by the story of one portraitist who moved her studio from her home to a shop in an up-and-coming urban industrial neighborhood.
  • Jump-start your career as an artist with helpful tips and advice from former television newscaster and courtroom reporter who traded it all for a Long Island studio and a successful new practice.
  • And more!

Create a workspace that inspires with the brand-new special issue all about studios.

Download your copy of American Artist Studios 2011 today!

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