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Angelic Visions

Create Fantasy Art Angels With Watercolor, Ink and Colored Pencil

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You will love this if:

  • You like to create unique fantasy characters
  • You are interesting in learning watercolor, ink, and colored pencil techniques
  • You love to combine mythology and illustration

Discover how you can bring life to divine visions in this book written and illustrated by Angela Sasser. Follow 20+ step-by-step demonstrations to create your own emissaries of the divine, harbingers of holy wrath, and symbols of enduring beauty and great power. Learn how to create ethereal luminosity of watercolor with subtle textures and striking contrasts of color pencil and ink.
Begin your angelic vision with the basics by familiarizing yourself with the tools and techniques of the trade. After you have a chance to experiment with the media and materials it is time to venture into the realm of character creation. Learn how to suggest character and mood with accessories like clothing, weaponry, halos and tattoos. Add in the perfect backdrop including clouds, flowers, stone, and stained glass. Take the skills and techniques you learned Angelic Visions and let your imagination take flight to express your own personal spirit!

In Angelic Visions you will find:

  • Lessons on depicting realistic anatomy including bodies, faces, hands, and wings
  • Eight full-length painting demonstrations from butterfly guardians and romantic muses to demon slayers
  • 128 pages of 300 expert and detailed illustrations

A Word from the Author
“For the purposes of this book, angels are addressed as a universal visual symbol of inspiration. This book is not an academic source on angelic traditions or religious symbols, but instead is a guide for harnessing the tools of art to create your own interpretations.” -Angela Sasser

About the Author
Angela R. Sasser is a mythology junkie and fantasy illustrator based out of the Atlanta, Georgia area. She is a jack of all trades with interests ranging from creative writing to comics and video games. Her main love, however, is illustration.

She is greatly inspired by the romantic ideals of the Pre-Raphaelite masters and the decorative flair of the Art Nouveau movement. From Victorian decadence, the elegance of the oriental, or the ethereal nature of dreams and myths, she draws her art from a multitude of places. Angela has earned bachelor’s degrees in both English and studio art from the University of West Georgia, as well as a master’s in arts administration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work is generally found at convention art shows across the country, such as Dragon*Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta and other events throughout the United States. Her awards include 3rd Place in Color for her Seasonal Angels series at MileHiCon 40 in 2008 and Best Original at MOBICON 12 in 2009.

Chapter One: Materials and Techniques
Chapter Two: Drawing Angelic Figures
Chapter Three: Setting the Scene
Chapter Four: Creating Angelic Visions

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Two Thumbs-Up! Review by Brittany

This book covers all facets of angels from the powerful and bold halo-toting versions, to the not-so-saintly tattooed misfits. It has everything for both the religious and the spiritual non-believer with a crazy wide variety of ideas to bring about more angelic character depth to your creation. With step-by-steps depicting ethereal beauty and a plethora of design ideas and inspiration (I'm especially in love with the wing section, which features everything from steampunk to jeweled to hybrid bat wings - seriously everything!), this book doesn't get just one thumbs-up but two!

(Posted on 9/19/2014)

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