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Art Articles: Tips for for Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylic & Oil Painting

Just getting started in drawing, watercolor, acrylic or oil painting? Or, looking to advance your skills as an artist and fully unleash your potential? The Editors from are here to help you get started on the right path, or guide you to a new level of expertise with your artwork with the following articles.


how to draw people


Learn How to Draw People: 7 Tips from Professional Artists


It’s no secret that learning how to draw people is an essential, timeless lesson in an artist’s development; figurative drawings continue to be among the most popular subjects in art schools and among professionals. But it takes more than just knowing how to create the contour lines that form a two-dimensional drawing of a person! 

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photo to painting, photo reference


Photo to Painting: How to Use a Photo Reference in Your Art


Using a photo reference is a convenient and rewarding way to make drawings and paintings if it is done right. But there are a few pitfalls to avoid, so if you are interested in ways to go from photo to painting, these six tips on painting from photo references are for you! 

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color wheel, color mixing


Become an Expert in Color Theory and Color Mixing


Readers are always asking for more instruction and painting methods surrounding color, which is not surprising considering how crucial color, the color wheel, and mixing colors are to a successful work of art. That’s why we've pulled together three top color resources on the market right now and what they can do for you! 

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landscape artists, landscape painting, painting landscapes


How Top Artists Create Landscape Artwork


Artist Thomas S. Buechner says, “The older I get, the more attractive the subject matter that is closest to the bathroom becomes.” He was joking, of course, but he does try to avoid spending too much time searching for the “perfect” landscape artwork location because there are always a variety of choices available. 

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Drawing Tutorials


Drawing Tutorials, Tips, Ideas & More for the Beginner Artist


Successful artists always seem to list drawing art as the constant “helping hand” activity that they go back to when they are stumped and need to refresh themselves or sharpen their techniques. Through simple drawings, you can make discoveries about your own artistic style and further enhance how you see. 

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Plein Air Painting


Plein Air Painting: The Art of Outdoor Painting


Outdoor painting gives artists the opportunity to paint the landscape in an immediate way—from direct observation—responding to changes in light, air quality, weather, and time of day. Many advocates and artists who have taken up plein air painting are committed to creating stirring landscape paintings that are derived solely from nature itself. 

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Perspective drawing


The Secrets of Perspective Drawing Made Easy


Linear perspective revolutionized the way artists perceived and incorporated spatial depth in their work. Established in solid, mathematical terms in the 15th century, perspective drawing creates the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. 

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Learn to paint


3 Easy Steps You Can Take to Learn to Paint


Painting for beginners and painting for more advanced artists do not involve totally different processes. Only the familiarity with basic painting instruction and the ease of executing those technical steps is what separates a beginner painter into an advanced one.  

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Oil painting techniques for beginners


Quick and Easy Oil Painting Techniques for Beginners


In this article you'll learn a few simple oil painting tips and techniques which will not only introduce you to the essentials of oil painting basics, but will also be used as the building blocks for further and more advanced oil painting forays! 

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watercolor techniques for beginners


Watercolor Painting Techniques for Beginners


Mastering watercolor techniques takes time and practice, but in this article you'll learn 10 tips for beginners on how to build your knowledge, skills and ultimately your confidence in watercolor painting. Along with advice from the experts, we feature a few recommended products that are sure to launch you assuredly into the wonderful world of watercolor! 

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learn how to us acrylic paint


A Beginner's Guide to Using Acrylic Paint


Learning how to use acrylic paint can provide years of satisfaction and self-expression, but it can help to get a little advice as a beginner. In this article, we educate beginning acrylic painters on the flexible, durable nature of acrylic paint, the affordability of the medium, and some great products to help new acrylic painters get started today. 

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learn to draw


Learn How to Draw the World Around You


Learning how to draw is an artistic way to transform your life and loved ones onto paper, and this article teaches new artists to adapt their eyes and artistic skills to the world around them. The first step of learning how to draw is to gather the drawing tools that you want to work with gain an awareness of what your chosen drawing medium is capable of...

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