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Art Journal Art Journey

Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process

By Nichole Rae

You will love this mixed-media book if:

  • You are looking to start art journaling but don’t know where to begin
  • You want to explore new mixed-media techniques
  • You want to find your creative process

Welcome to your creative journey and art journaling adventure! Art Journal Art Journey is a creative book to guide you along your journey of mixed-media discovery. Author Nicole Rae fills the pages of this book with her favorite “bits” to help explore who you are and the path you want to be on. Find direction on where to start your art journal, what you need to start journaling, and creative project ideas. Discover an abundance of art journaling styles, mixed-media collage techniques, favorite supplies, and how to set up your work space. In addition to discovering your art journaling path, you’ll find creative ways to use your new mixed-media techniques and inspiration to create mini projects such as affirmation books, mini inspirational cards, and an altered book.

Inside Art Journal Art Journey you’ll find:

  • 15 mixed-media and collage techniques
  • Dozens of inspirational journal pages
  • 128 pages and 250 colored images of help guide your creative process

A Word from the Author

My truest and deepest intention for this book is to connect with you on your path. These pages are written to guide you, inspire you, offer ideas, provide direction and prepare you as you begin this journey. I am excited for you as I write this. I honor your bravery, your creative spirit, your bold leap as you embark on a beautiful path of self-discovery filled with learning, discovering and unfolding. I am honored that we can take this journey together. Along the way, know that I am with you.” —Nichole Rae

About the Author

Nichole Rae has been creating since she was six. Cutting images and words out of magazines and collaging shoeboxes on the living room floor was just the beginning of a creative journey that would unfold over the years. Shoeboxes turned into sketchbooks filled with favorite images, lyrics and poems, which then evolved to her passion for book arts.

Spending most of her days in her studio, at a coffee shop, running along windy paths or embarking on new adventures, she knows that it is in these moments that sweet happenings happen—creativity, connecting, sharing stories, direction—and the whispers of her inner artist unfold, page by page. Nichole Rae is an artist at heart, a truth seeker, a creative mess maker, an honest writer, a collector of life’s moments.


The Journaling Process
Preparing for the Creative Process
A Creative Adventure: Mini Projects
The Creative Collage Process
The Inspiration Gallery
Inspirational Words
About the Author

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