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Arti-Stick Fashion Kit

Format: Merchandise


For kids and the window painting addicted adult.

Your children enjoy decorating window panes with all kinds of things, the problem is: what things? With Arti' Stick Window Colors, children can create their own decorations for windows, mirrors, tiles, plastic and metal objects, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Fun for kids can also be serious business for adults. Create advertising messages, announce a sale, or launch a political campaign with an eye-catching window sign. Arti' Stick Window Colors are a great way to display a temporary message on a window or mirror. Attach your message to surfaces where ordinary paints don't stick.
Allow the painting to dry for 24 hours, and then peel it off the plastic. When dry, the colors become vivid and transparent, as if by magic! The design will cling decoratively to the window of your choice.

Dry paint designs can be repositioned as often as desired, as long as they are not placed on a porous surface such as paper, cardboard, or wood. A design can easily be cut, allowing you to make colorful puzzles and mosaics.

Arti' Stick paints are water based, with a strong film and good lightfastness. Colors can be mixed together. Replenish your favorite colors, or choose colors individually.

5x25ml tubes, 10 patterns.
Format Merchandise

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