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Artist Daily Workshop: Mastering the Dramatic Still Life with C.W. Mundy DVD

By C.W. Mundy

Format: DVD

You’ll Love This Still Life Painting DVD If:

  • You want to create eye-catching compositions & arranging still life subjects
  • You love to paint still life pieces & want expert tips from C.W. Mundy
  • You want to improve your brushwork and painting techniques

C.W. Mundy is known around the world for his approach to painting. In this oil painting DVD you'll hear as C.W. shares his still life painting tips and still life painting techniques for creating vibrant, interesting still life subjects. Arrange your subjects in an visually interesting way, premix your colors to save time and add what C.W. Mundy calls the "alien factor".

This DVD features C.W.'s 7 Foundational Truths: drawing, squinting, design, value, color, edges, and paint manipulation. Want to learn more? This oil painting DVD will go in-depth into each truth, showing you how to paint a still life that is unique & memorable.

In the Artist Daily Workshop: Mastering the Dramatic Still Life with C.W. Mundy DVD You’ll Learn:

  • How to make careful, deliberate choices when placing subjects in your composition
  • Tips for varying your brushwork, creating light effects and adding intrigue
  • How to save time, stay focused and premix your colors

What Other Artist’s Are Saying:

"I am just a dabbler in paint, and have never worked in oils. I purchased this DVD largely for the information on composition, but got my eyes opened to a lot of things! Seeing C.W. Mundy paint was a treat - watching this still life go from blank canvas to a finished work. His laidback instruction/explanations gave me a lot to use in other mediums - composition, drawing, color, laying down values, highlights - and even inspired me to invest in some tubes of oils to play with! Of course he makes it look easy, but he makes it look accessible and provides a lot of tools to improve one's art." — Muff

SKU 11AA06
Author/Speaker/Editor C.W. Mundy
Format DVD
ISBN 13 9781596684416
Runtime 1 hour

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