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The Artistic Mother

A Practical Guide for Fitting Creativity into Your Life

By Shona Cole

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Creative Project Book If:

  • You’re in need of a fresh source of creativity
  • You’re a mother looking to make time for your own creativity
  • You love to make art but don’t think you have the time

The Artistic Mother features great tips for how to be more creative. Learn how to balance family and personal creativity from a fellow mother in this comprehensive book on creativity. Overcome common challenges and bust down every day barriers to creativity with the exercises and ideas. Set goals, master accountability and learn new mixed media techniques and ideas.

Hear from other mothers and artists as they share their approaches to finding motivation and understanding creativity in the opening sections of this book. Discover ways to plan creativity time into your busy schedule and follow along with Shona as she share mixed media techniques and step by step projects.

In The Artistic Mother You’ll Learn:

  • Practical tips for balancing your schedule with a family and artistic goals
  • How to develop your own creative strength and find inspiration in every day life
  • Techniques for working with a variety of media and art forms

A Word From the Author:

"Creating art leads to a glorious sense of personal fulfillment. When we have a project germinating in our minds, or a new bolt of fabric on our worktable, or our latest photos ready to be processed, we experience a surge of motivation, anticipation and excitement. While we work through art projects, kneading the ideas and feeling the brushstrokes, the joy of creating makes us feel alive and refreshed. And when we put down the glue stick, stand back from our creation and know it is finished, we can bask in a sense of accomplishment. The sense of well-being and fulfillment our creativity generates often spills over into other areas of life, including our mothering." — Shona Cole

Check Out This Excerpt From The Artistic Mother:

The next tool you can use to keep your creative focus fi xed and your motivation high is accountability. Accountability involves having someone to answer to—someone outside yourself whom you trust and respect, someone who knows your goals and will remind you of them, keeping you organized and on track. You may have a friend and fellow mom who is interested in art who can serve as an accountability partner. Share ideas and vision statements. Check in with each other via phone, e-mail or even at a regularly scheduled play date or lunch. An older child or teen or even your husband could be your accountability partner. Tell them your vision and goals and recruit them to gently remind you of them or to ask you how your art is going.

Similarly, online groups can offer a form of accountability. By signing up for a group or online art challenge, you not only meet other creative folks but also find something to work toward together.

Blogging can also keep you accountable. You become responsible to your readership (however small) to produce something worth viewing. Telling the world you are creating can be a scary thing to do, but it can also motivate you to live up to the vision you cast!

Consider submitting to magazines or online challenges or competitions. Check to see what the deadlines and themes are and fi nd out the guidelines and parameters for submission. Once that goal is set and you know when the art is due, use your weekly creative time to complete the submission.

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SKU Z3604
Author/Speaker/Editor Shona Cole
File/Trim Size 8.25 x 10.875
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781600613487
Number Of Pages 128

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