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Artist's Journal Workshop

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You'll Love This Art Journaling Book If:

  • You want to discover new sources of artistic inspiration
  • You love to learn new art journaling techniques
  • You want to make an art journal but you’re not sure where to start
Uncover your hidden artistic talents with this selection of art journaling techniques. Hear from Cathy Johnson as well as 27 international artists as they discuss their favorite art journaling approaches. With their advice and more than 25 art journaling exercises you’ll be well on your way to page after page of vibrant visual art. Artist’s Journal Workshop will show you how art journaling can be a powerful weapon in your creative arsenal.

Add new meaning into your life with art journaling. You’ll even see completed art journal pages filled with travel sketching, nature studies and moments captured from every day life. Try out a few of the exciting prompts to commemorate exciting life events or overcome creative blocks. Don’t wait another day to start your exciting art journal journey!

In Artist’s Journal Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • How to art journal in a range of artistic styles
  • Art journaling techniques & tips for determining which art journaling approach is right for you
  • How to fill each page of your journal with inspiring art
Find the right art journal for you and learn techniques for incorporating art journaling into your life.

Check Out This Fun Tip From Artist’s Journal Workshop:

Draw a journal “map” for yourself, right in your book. Some people do an actual imaginary road map; some make a topographical sketch or landscape; some draw a treasure island; some use a tree-of-life imagine; some even make an imaginary game board. Make your map as abstract or detailed as you want. Use whatever imagery works for you.

Your map can explore the journal experience itself (what you want your journal to become), point you toward what you expect to learn in your journaling, or perhaps simply polt your life – all of it or starting from where you are now – with intersections and signposts along the road. Put in the roadblocks or imagined obstacles as well.

Where do you want to go? Do you want to be a better piano player, a more relaxed person, a more disciplined one, a professional illustrator, a good teacher, a better parent or child, a designer? Do you hope to have more confidence in your art or to learn to really feel like an artist? It’s your map – you figure it ou! Think in visual images, use symbols, and have fun!

A Word from the Author:

“What intrigues you about journal keeping? How did you get interested? How long have you wanted to do with your own illustrated journal? Many people wait years to give themselves permission to jump in. So, why did you buy this book?

I’m guessing that the reason, in part, is because you hope for guidelines and inspiration so that you will keep a journal – or, if you’ve tried before and drifted off, so you’ll keep at it once you start. I can promise both guidelines and inspiration from a variety of wonderful journal keepers.

That’s really what this book is all about – discovering what you want and why you’re here. I can’t tell you – no one can. It’s all up to you. But perhaps I, with the help of the wonderful contributors to this book, can assist you along the way.” — Cathy Johnson

What Other Artist’s Are Saying:

“At last! A wonderful Artist's Journal book that actually shows work like I have done for years. I am not crazy after all. I have purchased so many books on Visual Journaling over the last few years that disappoint. Cathy has done an outstanding job in giving a beginner delightful tips and how to instruction. I shall purchase more copies this book for my new Plein Air students who wish to have the joy of their own work and memories to keep and to be proud of. Kudos to Cathy Johnson!” — Maryann Clarin
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SKU GROUP-Z9405-Z9934

"I love the loose, journaling style of the art in this book, and the fun way that author Cathy Johnson presents it. Cathy is wonderful at communicating with her readers through blogging, teaching workshops, online YouTube videos and in print. She's done dozens of books for North Light over the past couple of decades, and she's still going strong!" - Pamela Wissman, Senior Content Director, North Light Books

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