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Basic Drawing Techniques with Mark Menendez

By Mark Menendez

SKU# GROUP-T0994-T0971

Discover how to draw like the masters by beginning with the basics!

You will love this DVD if:

  • You want to learn how to draw
  • You are struggling with drawing concepts like line, form, tone and value
  • You want to explore lighting techniques to create form

Learning to draw does not have to be so hard. Follow along with expert and artist Mark Menendez as he turns you into a drawing master by starting with the basics. Begin with understanding the concepts of form, value, tone and line. Get the inside tips for using a variety of drawing tools like graphite and charcoal and blending tools like blending stumps and erasers. Along with learning the basics, explore drawing techniques like composition, perspective, enlarging an image and more. Begin your love for drawing today with Basic Drawing Techniques with Mark Menendez.

In Basic Drawing Techniques Video you will learn:

  • How light creates form to create a 3-dimensional look
  • How to do quick sketches and to practice your rendering skills
  • Shading techniques using graphite, charcoal and other drawing materials
  • Tips and techniques for strong compositions
  • Lessons on one, two and three-point perspective

Preview Basic Drawing Techniques now to learn how to use line in your drawings to divide the space and create form. You’ll also learn about halftone and how to create a value scale, lighting techniques, composition and more.

You can also download each chapter from this video individually!

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Value

Lesson 3: Form and Lighting Techniques

Lesson 4: Composition and Perspective

Lesson 5: The Grid Method

Lesson 6: Quick Draw

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Drawing Pencils 9H-9B
Ebony Drawing Pencils
Graphite Stick
Charcoal Pencils, soft, med, hard
Vine Charcoal
Conte Crayons, Bistre, Black, Gray, Sanguine, White
Prismacolor PencilsBlack, White, Terra Cotta, Cream, Dark Umber, Sepia
Kneaded Eraser
Art Gum Eraser
White Plastic Eraser
Pink Pearl Eraser
Eraser Stick
11”x14” Drawing Pad
11”x14” Tracing Pad
11”x14” Sketch Pad
8.5”x11” Toned Paper
Drawing Board
Artist Tape
Erasing Shield
Pencil Extender
18” Ruler

Mark Menendez is an acclaimed artist with works housed in several permanent private and corporate collections, and has illustrated books for several publications, including Anne Rice’s The Mummy, as well as several children’s books. He teaches several art classes and workshops per year that cover a wide variety of mediums and styles, helping students develop their skills without being bound to one genre or medium.

SKU GROUP-T0994-T0971
Author/Speaker/Editor Mark Menendez
Runtime 101 minutes
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Basic Drawing Techniques with Mark Menendez

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Basic Drawing Techniques with Mark Menendez

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