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Bead Embroidery The Complete Guide eBook

By Jane Davis

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Beading & Embroidery Project eBook If:

  • You love to bead & want to incorporate embroidery into your next project
  • You want to add sparkle and texture to your embroidery with new beading techniques
  • You love learning new techniques, trying new projects & the teaching style of artist Jane Davis

This is truly a complete guide for any artist looking to learn more about beading and embroidery. Simply download the convenient PDF and you’ll have complete access to all the great embroidery stitches, beading techniques, embroidery and beading projects and more. Hear from Jane Davis as she discusses all the basics of embroidery and beading then moves on to 20 complete, start-to-finish embroidery projects.

These beautiful pieces are clearly illustrated by more than 200 full color photos and helpful illustrations showing you the path to embroidery success. In addition to great guides to the stitches used in each project you’ll also find an exciting gallery of work from award-winning bead artists for additional inspiration. Learn how to embroider beautiful pieces & discover new ways of incorporating beads into each project.

In the Bead Embroidery The Complete Guide eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to add fringe to or embroider a pillow
  • How to make a zippered notions case, coin purse, ornaments and more
  • Different embroidery stitches such as the Fern, Van Dyke, Long Upright Cross, Beaty, Milanese, Darning, Herringbone, Borders, Motifs, and more
A Word From the Author:
" In organizing the layout of this book, I have strived for ease in use and as much information as I can get into these pages. The Stitches at a Glance section is a quick reference for any stitch in the book, while the Basics section provides you with the tools, materials and techniques to get started. The Stitches section categorizes the stitches by type, such as counted thread or freeform embroidery. Clear photos show the individual stitches worked up both with and without beads, and sometimes including a variety of options. Finally, the Projects section has 20 projects that show how to incorporate beads into your embroidery work, and the Gallery at the back presents a sampling of more bead embroidery ideas by several bead artists." — Jane Davis

Check Out This Excerpt From Bead Embroidery The Complete Guide:

Choosing the Right-Sized Beads for a Project
Readily available beads for beadwork, which are also suitable for bead embroidery, range from size 15 beads, which are about 1⁄16" (1.5mm) in diameter, to size 6 beads, which are just less than ¼" (5mm) in diameter. Other beads include tiny antique beads that go down to size 24, verging on the size of a grain of salt, and large beads of many different materials including clay, wood, glass, metal, resin or plastic. The stitches shown in this book use mostly size 8 seed beads, about ⅛" (3mm), or size 11 seed beads, about 1⁄16" (2mm).

Beads are not all uniform, so the size of the outside diameter of the bead doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to get the needle through the hole. Some beads of the same size have smaller holes than others. That is why it is important to make a test swatch with the beads, needles, thread and fabric you intend to use to see if everything works well together. You will often find that even after you’ve tested your beads, there will be some in your pile that just have smaller holes than the rest and won’t get past the eye of the needle. Simply set them aside as you find them and save them for a different project that can accommodate the smaller bead hole.

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SKU W2946
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