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Best of American Artist Bundle

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Download this limited-time digital bundle and get instant access to four of American Artist’s top articles! Learn more about each article included in this bundle:

Art As Self-Portrait [ARTICLE DOWNLOAD]

Learn to attach who you are as an artist to your work with instant access to this must-have article dedicated to top artist Tony Luciani’s expert process. Be inspired to reveal who you are as an artist through your work with insights behind several of this Canadian artist’s series of work.

Drawing on the Dark Side [ARTICLE DOWNLOAD]

Dive into the world of anatomy like never before with a detailed look at the imaginative work of fine artist and instructor Roberto Osti’s unique process. Discover the instant-access information source: Drawing on the Dark Side—where traditional classical techniques and cutting-edge science foster technically exquisite drawings that are equally eye-catching.

Portraits: Using Warm and Cool Colors for Lifelike Effects [ARTICLE DOWNLOAD]

Bring life and energy to your artwork with instant access to this must-have article dedicated to top commissioned artist Jenny Lathem’s expert process. Achieve a compelling likeness of your subject with insights to controlling the dampness of the brush and paper, alternating warm & cool washes, incorporating background colors into the subject and much more.

Modeling With Light [ARTICLE DOWNLOAD]

Discover studio essentials you can have instantly! Steven L. Weiss shares his best advice for capturing light effects accurately to build form. Use the practices presented here to build the foundation, and the confidence, needed to take on even more challenging techniques.

SKU EP4792-EP4513-EP4512-EP4501-BUNDLE

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