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Beyond the Bead

By Margot Potter

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Beading Project Book If:

  • You want to test your jewelry making skills with new projects
  • You want to learn new mixed media jewelry making techniques
  • You love making special beaded jewelry pieces & want to try something new

Learn new jewelry making techniques through fun & different projects from expert artist Margot Potter in this step-by-step jewelry making book. Each of these jewelry making projects shows you a new way to incorporate different materials into your crafting. Get inspiration from the gallery of finished pieces, pick up tips for working with different tools and materials and learn how to make jewelry using beads and so much more.

The instruction in this jewelry making book is easy to follow and allows you to move at your own pace. Try all the techniques or find one that speaks to you, the choice is yours. Learn how to work with glass, plastic and paper in order to create great effects.

In Beyond the Bead You’ll Learn:

  • How to safely & effectively use metal clay and polymer clay in jewelry projects
  • Tips & techniques for working with glass, resin, plasic, hardware store goods, paper art supplies, felt and fiber when making jewelry
  • How to make a necklace, bracelet, earrings, amulets, rings & more step by step

A Word From the Author:

"If you are a restlessly creative do-it-yourself type, you’ve found your book. You’ll find a sampling of all kinds of techniques inside this book. If you’ve been using premade jewelry parts, maybe it’s time to try making your own. If you’re a mixed-media artist, perhaps you’d like to make some wearable pieces. And if you’ve been scrapbooking, why not use some of those scrapbook items to make some swanky jewelry? I know and you know there are these kooky ideas that defy any traditional approaches rolling around inside your noggin. You can search and search the world over for the perfect beads or bits to fit your vision, or you can take the bull by the proverbial horns and make your own. Why the heck not? What have you got to lose, really? Sanity is highly overrated. Neatness might count in some places, but in art studios we like to get our hands dirty." — Margot Potter

Check Out This Excerpt From Beyond the Bead:

Building Blocks
There is an endless array of supplies out there just waiting to be transformed into beads and pendants. Here’s an overview of some of the materials featured in this book. Don’t stop here, though: Head out into the brave new world in an endless search for new and uncharted materials. When you incorporate unexpected finds into your jewelry, your work will always be interesting.

1. Beady Delights: There are literally millions of bead styles—it would take an epic tome to list them all here. In the finished pieces featured in the book, I’ve used everything from Czech glass, Swarovski crystal and gemstones to vintage plastic, base and precious metal, and even some things that aren’t really beads at all. You can find beads online, but for me, a hands-on experience is far more rewarding. Check out your local bead shops, bead shows, craft stores, antique malls, flea markets and yard sales to find beads of all sorts. Turn on your beady radar to see the potential in items other people might toss aside.
2. Inky Things: Inks infuse your designs with color and textural interest. Different kinds of inks create different effects. Dyebased inks work differently than archival and alcohol inks. Experiment with different kinds of ink before diving into a project, including learning how inks react with any laminates and sealers you plan to use. Embossing powders give your work dimension and range from very fine to quite thick. UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) is a powder you can mold into pendants and beads. Once you start buying rubber stamps to use with ink pads and embossing powder, you may find yourself quickly addicted. I’m starting to believe a girl can never have too many stamps, rather like shoes.
3. Sticky Stuff: I have a glue drawer in my studio that is standing room only these days. I love glues, polymers, epoxies, resins, glazes and cements. You will, too—and you’ll find there is always room for a new one in your arsenal.
Glues Different glues are suitable for different purposes. Read the labels. Each glue has a purpose and materials usage guidelines. Get a variety of glues and road test them. There are two-part epoxies, craft glues, slicksurface glues, fabric glues, cements, cyanocrylates. … It’s a never-ending story! You’ll probably find that you gravitate toward a few workhorse glues, but don’t let that stop you from experimenting.
Laminates I’d love to work with two-part resin and other heavy duty laminates, but I have asthma and am unable to use things with intense odors. If you do use resin, you may find it’s your best bet for sealing jewelry items. Other options work as well, including Diamond Glaze and Liquid Laminate.
Découpage MediumI’m a Mod Podge gal from way back. I love this stuff. It comes in different finishes and it really works. For moisture resistance and to prevent stickiness, you may want to give it a final coat with an acrylic sealant.

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SKU Z2066
Additional Feature 250 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Margot Potter
File/Trim Size 8.25 x 10.875
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781600611056
Number Of Pages 128

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