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Book + Art eBook

Handcrafting Artists' Books

By Dorothy Simpson Krause

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Book Art Book If:

  • You want to look at art in a new way
  • You love creating unique mixed media paper projects
  • You want to explore the exciting world of book art

Go beyond the basic book arts and see the book as art itself. This book of book art projects from Dorothy Simpson Krause. Learn about structure styles and basic techniques for creating art pieces out of paper or altering books in order to make art. Find inspiration for new art projects involving books, you’ll even learn how to make a book.

Make a book folded from a single piece of paper or learn how to incorporate printmaking into your book art. Learn the basics of binding techniques and so much more as Dorothy takes you step by step through several book art projects. The convenient eBook format allows you to download this great art instruction right to your computer. Print out only the page you need and save your paper for your next art piece!

In Book + Art You’ll Learn:

  • Tips and techniques for binding books, collages and concertinas
  • How to create and work with side-sewn, single-signature and multiple-signature books
  • How to make art from blank books and altered books

Check Out This Excerpt from Book + Art :

Helpful Tips
  • Use the art and book tools and materials you have, substituting where possible.
  • Cover your work surfaces with plastic bags, plastic sheeting, paper or chopping mats to make clean-up simple. I have 4' × 8' (1m × 2m) sheets of polypropylene, a plastic nothing sticks to, on my work tables.
  • Check with a framer or commercial printer to see if you can get scraps of mat board or papers trimmed from their projects. Pieces that are too small for them to use are often perfect for book pages and covers, and large quantities can be had for little or no cost. A woodworker may be a good source of interesting woods.
  • A craftsman who works with leather, making handbags or clothing, may also have scraps large enough for spines, separate front and back covers, inlays and onlays. Although you will probably have to pay a nominal charge, it will be much less than if you were buying skins, and you will have a variety of colors and textures. Clothing leather is thin and soft and, it doesn’t require paring to wrap around boards.
  • A weight, which can act as a substitute for a book press, can be made from a flat-bottomed pan filled with bricks.
  • Spring clamps can also act as a substitute book press. Be sure to put your book between rigid boards so that the clamps won’t leave marks.
  • A small weight, especially useful for holding your book open when sewing, can be made by covering a brick, buckshot or other heavy item with fabric, or by using a piece of metal or polished stone scrap. If you can find one, an antique flat iron is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • A bone folder will make marks on paper and fabric; a Teflon folder is more expensive but leaves no marks. You can clean a bone folder by sanding, but sanding a Teflon folder releases particles that are hazardous to your health.
  • A can nailed or screwed to the edge of your worktable is a handy and safe place for a hot air gun

A Word From the Author:

" While some books may have an artist, writer, editor, designer, papermaker, typographer, printer and binder involved in the production, in artist books, the artist often does it all. And that’s what you will be doing in this book. You will explore a variety of books and book-like forms, and learn processes and techniques that will allow you to make books as an expression of your art. For the most part, these unique books will be one-of-a-kind." — Annie Dorothy Simpson Krause
Check Out This Free Excerpt From Book + Art: A Thermal Book Binding How To!

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SKU W3049
Additional Feature 25 b&w illustrations, 250 color
Author/Speaker/Editor Dorothy Simpson Krause
File/Trim Size 42 MB
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440315954
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