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Bracelets, Buttons & Brooches eBook

By Jane Davis

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Beadwork eBook If:

  • You love working with beads & want to learn more about creating bracelets
  • You want to learn new beading techniques for creating brooches or buttons
  • You want to make beaded jewelry that suits your personal taste, or as a gift to a loved one

Learn how to make exceptional beaded jewelry pieces from start to finish with the exciting beading techniques and complete projects found in the eBook. Author & experienced artist, Jane Davis opens up her own studio, showing you everything you need to know about making beaded bracelets, buttons and brooches. Since this eBook focuses on those 3 pieces, you’ll be able to go in-depth into each, mastering essential approaches & learning how to incorporate your own personal style along the way.

Make a beautiful beaded brooch for a gift, create a button that gives to life to an old jacket or make a bracelet that you’ll love to wear again & again. More than 200 instructional photos make recreating these designs simple & clear. Featured techniques include the peyote stitch, brick stitch, ladder stitch, and fringe. Start beading today!

In the Bracelets, Buttons & Brooches eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to make 20 different beading projects focused on how to make bracelets, brooches and buttons using beads
  • How to make two types of cabochon beadwork and bead encasing
  • Accessible, basic beadwork techniques that are versatile & beautiful

A Word From the Author:

"This book focuses on these aspects of beadwork, confining them to bracelets, buttons and brooches, all of which lend themselves to wonderful ways to make bead encasements. I’ve also tried to add a few interesting ideas on giving the projects a little something extra, such as a tiny photo shining through a transparent section of a fused glass cabochon, or a brooch with a favorite woodland scene hidden behind the face of a forest spirit." — Jane Davis

Check Out This Short Excerpt From Bracelets, Buttons & Brooches:

Tools & Supplies
Following are descriptions of the tools and supplies you will need. Some of the projects in this book require specific supplies, such as the two-holed beads and Blue Moon buttons in the elastic-banded bracelet on page 70, or the five-holed spacers for the Egyptian bracelet on page 44. Other projects, such as the keepsake brooch on page 116, will be unique to you and will depend on the glass or stone you choose to incorporate into the design. This section is meant as a handy source to explain the tools and supplies used to make the projects, and how they pertain to the techniques used here.

A seed bead is basically shaped like a tall doughnut and comes in sizes ranging from almost a grain of salt, size 24 antique beads, to large size 5 pony beads, which are about 1⁄4" (0.6 cm) across. The larger the bead size number, the smaller the bead. And hole size isn’t tied to the bead size: you can have a large bead with a small hole, or a small bead with a fairly large hole. Generally speaking, Japanese-made beads, which are made by machine, are more consistent and have a larger hole than beads made by hand in other countries. Seed beads are the beads that you will use for the majority of projects in this book. Their rounded edges and variety of sizes make them ideal for hugging smoothly around the corners of cabochons or the curves of round and odd-shaped items.

A cylinder bead is shaped like a cylinder and looks like a brick from the side. Cylinder beads come in two sizes, size 12 which is small, and size 8, large. The sizes correspond roughly to seed bead sizes. Cylinder beads are great for when you need a bead with a large hole, such as when stringing the elastic thread in the Silver and Black Elastic Banded Bracelet on page 70, or making multiple passes through the beads, as in the Royal Blue Bracelet on page 30. They are also great for bordering the width of a thick stone, as with the Oriental Carving Bracelet on page 48.

Bugle beads are elongated cylinder beads that can range from 1⁄4" (0.6 cm) long to almost 2" (5 cm). They work great as anchors along an object with long straight sides, as in the Bugle Bead Abalone Bracelet on page 56.

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