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Carrie Stuart Parks Realistic Drawing Bundle

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Get this digital bundle today and instantly receive three eBooks and Carrie Stuart Parks’s video workshop download, all for a reduced price! Explore the resources in this limited-time bundle:

Secrets to Realistic Drawing [eBook]

Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks show you quick, efficient drawing tips for creating more realistic results in this eBook. Learn how to draw a variety of subjects with encouraging instruction from Carrie and Rick. You’ll love their can-do attitude and infectious support and soon you’ll have a notebook full of lifelike sketches. Even beginning artists will create realistic pieces.

Learn how to fix missteps and hear from Carrie and Rick as they share their picks for the best drawing materials and supplies. In Secrets to Realistic Drawing you’ll follow along with these expert composite artists through five start to finish demonstrations giving you the chance to make your drawing dreams come true. Sketch lifelike portraits, flowers, animals and more today with the basic drawing techniques found in this easily downloadable eBook.

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces [eBook]

Learn how to draw strikingly realistic faces when you download this detailed eBook from Carrie Stuart Parks. Create detailed features, accurate proportions and dimensional shading with these step by step face drawing demonstrations and exercises. Carrie makes drawing easy and fun with effective drawing lessons and helpful before-and-after examples from students.

Carrie’s proven face drawing exercises have been used to train artists around the country and now you can learn these same great lessons in the comfort of your own home. Instantly download this convenient PDF and you’ll be ready to learn. Draw vivid self portraits, portraits of friends or work from a reference photo, with these face mapping techniques. Study shapes within a composition and learn how to draw them more realistically.

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Children [eBook]

Capture a moment in your child’s life with a special drawing. Learn how to draw more realistic portraits of your child or grandchild with step-by-step instruction from Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks. These expert professional composite artists show you their favorite approaches to how to draw children. These foolproof techniques cover pencil portrait using just a few simple materials. Discover the secret to taking strong reference photos, create correct facial proportions and draw kid’s faces from different angles.

Use shading and light in order to create depth, detail and life in your drawn portraits. Incorporate props and get great tips for drawing shiny, realistic hair instantly when you download this eBook to your computer or tablet. Convey the true sense of character of your favorite child. These step-by-step demonstrations and page after page of tips you’ll create precious images of your child. Drawing a child requires different techniques and proportions, learn to create the true sense of character on the paper with this exciting eBook.

Drawing Secrets: Realistic Faces with Carrie Stuart Parks [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Uncover exciting tips for how to draw a face along with Carrie Stuart Parks in this step-by-step drawing video workshop. In this video Carrie takes you through an entire portrait from start-to-finish focusing on each facial feature showing you how to add life into your portrait compositions. Learn how to draw eyes, mouths, noses and accurate head shapes.

When you master these tools for drawing a human face, you'll be able to apply them to your own portrait drawings. With Drawing Secrets: Realistic Faces with Carrie Stuart Parks Carrie Stuart Parks shares her favorite tools for portrait drawing.

SKU Z5706-Z5705-Z5704-W1162-BUNDLE

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