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Chris Saper Oil Portrait Essentials Bundle

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Join artist and instructor Chris Saper in this video workshop bundle that will equip you for success in painting portraits in oil! Learn how to paint skin tones, paint portraits in warm and cool light, and how to create monochromatic paintings.

Painting Oil Portraits in Warm Light with Chris Saper [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

This video workshop allows you to move at your own pace, picking up new portrait painting tips and shows you how paint with oil to create portraits in warm light step-by-step. Follow along with Chris Saper as she mixes warm tones in order to create realistic skin tones, shadows & light. With these invaluable lessons & demonstrations you’ll create your own exciting warm portraits in no time. As Chris Saper says, all light has color, with this portrait painting video you’ll discover how to paint light that glows- creating color-filled light of your own.

Painting Oil Portraits in Cool Light with Chris Saper [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

This video workshop guides you step-by-step through the entire portrait painting process from start to finish. Using oil paints, Chris Saper paints the portrait of a young woman under cool lighting. Learn how to paint portraits that capture the essence of your subject using the correct color mixing and light painting techniques. Learn how to paint light that compliments the skin tone of your subject, in this case a cool light is used.

Learn how to creatively & effectively light your subject as well as how to compose a strong and unique oil portrait. In this oil painting video you’ll also learn portrait painting techniques & tips for mixing skin tones, creating highlights and shadows, and adding small details that make big impacts. Techniques covered also include brushstrokes in oil and blending.

How to Paint Skin Tones in Oil with Chris Saper [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Download this exciting video right to your laptop and desktop and start learning how to create accurate & realistic skin tones when painting oil portraits. Chris Saper shares her great portrait painting techniques and tips for painting and mixing different types of skin tones. Learn how to paint realistic portraits by painting skin tones in oil including light and red-head complexions as well as olive skin tones and a range of darker skin tones as well.

Learn how to paint light and shadows that interact with skin tones and achieve a realistic look. Using six in-studio models, Chris Saper guides you step-by-step through understanding color temperature, intensity and value. Soon you’ll have the skills you'll need in order to paint fun portraits of your own.

Capturing the Beauty of Monochrome Oil Portraits [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Download this portrait painting video and you'll get instant access to step-by-step instruction for how to paint a portrait with one oil color straight from Chris Saper. Learn how to create realistic facial features, shadows and more with this video download completely dedicated to monochrome portraits. This video is perfect for beginner portrait artists looking to practice their portrait painting without complex colors.

It's also a great option for more experienced portrait artists looking to try something new. Learn how to draw, model and compose an oil portrait from start to finish. By limiting this video to drawing and values in one color, you'll see what's necessary to master values and tone. Download today and you'll be ready to start learning and advancing your art.

SKU Z7272-W6750-W6751-Z7268-BUNDLE
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Very disappointed ! Review by K

All four DVDs are very detailed in how to mix the colors for the models she is painting but doesn't say much on how to paint all different details in a face and some general rules. I have to say I found better videos for free that were more detailed on the actual painting process.

(Posted on 4/5/2014)

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