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Collage Couture eBook

Techniques for Creating Fashionable Art

By Julie Nutting

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Image Transfer Book If:

  • You love fashion, designing girly pieces & you want to learn more about creating fashion sketches
  • You want to bring your inner girly-girl to life with fun fashion collages
  • You love making fashionable art that is cute, elegant, sweet or sophisticated

Instantly download this fashion collage eBook by Julie Nutting and you’ll get immediate access to exciting tips and projects designed to show you how to create fashion figures, flirty dresses and mixed media pieces featuring fashion. Julie shows you how to draw a dress and color it with scrapbooking paper as well as how to draw a face filled with fun and personality. This fashion drawing book includes mixed media techniques and 22 start to finish fashion collage projects.

Using patterned paper and other materials you can create textured backgrounds and other effects in your collage piece. Draw a variety of girls in delightful dresses and sketch fashion figures that are truly works of art. Bring you own fashion sense to your collage or try something completely different. Make your studio a runway and let your fashion sense run wild. Using simple materials and essential techniques you’ll be ready to draw and collage girly fashions. Learn how to draw eyes, lips, hair and much more.

In Collage Couture You’ll Learn:

  • How to combine paper, paints, ink and markers in order to create 22 projects such as collages on canvas, framed shadowbox art and more
  • Tips & techniques for setting the mood in your studio by adding the color of flowers, the fun of a tiara, or the charm of an old piece of china
  • How to create fashion sketches and silhouettes step by step & how to draw eyes, lips, hair and fun outfits

Check Out This Excerpt From Easy Beaded Jewelry:

Colors and Patterns

Color...don’t be afraid of it! There is nothing that inspires me more than color. Walking through the aisles of a scrapbooking store is the most delightful experience for me. Some women like shoes, but I prefer paper!

Most of what you need to know about color is what you learned in elementary school with your first paint box. Mixing primary colors creates secondary colors, and mixing those makes even more. There are a few rules to follow, but the number-one rule is to follow your instincts. When a color combination makes me smile, I go with it.

If you do feel a bit unsure of yourself, you can follow these three basic rules:
1. Stay with one color family. A monochromatic scheme will always work beautifully, and it’s easy to follow. Use all pinks or different shades of green.

2. Use the color’s next-door neighbors. Colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel can set a beautiful tone for your artwork. For instance, red-violet, red and red-orange can make for a very fiery, exotic piece.

3. Explore opposites. Complementary color schemes are exciting to work with. Can you imagine a plum dress with lemon-yellow accents?

Color choices can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Scrapbook paper manufacturers make it so easy to work with color. Everything is made to coordinate; all you have to do is choose! I prefer to mix and match my paper choices so the design is truly mine. Whether you use coordinating papers or your own mix, your heart will sing at the right choice!

There are also some rules to follow regarding patterns. When I choose patterns for my projects, I generally follow the rules of interior design. When deciding on patterns for a room, typically we will choose a large-scale print or fl oral, a small-scale print or fl oral, and a stripe, plaid or polka dot to match the selected solid color. Think of a set of bedding. A floral comforter may have a striped pattern on the reverse side with small polka-dot or plaid piping. Designing your art will work exactly the same way. This is also how the scrapbook paper companies design their lines. You will have lots of patterns to choose from; it’s just a matter of choosing the right proportions for your unique mix.

A Word From the Author:

"I invite you into this world of mine. It’s a place where you can leave the dishes alone and your worries behind. We will draw fabulous clothes. We will sketch ball gowns that you would probably never wear and ruffles that are way too girly but oh-so-beautiful to look at. We will draw whimsical faces and paint hair any color we want, as long as it’s not gray! We will add glitter, shimmer and bling—yes, lots of bling. Grab your mixed-media tools and a cup of tea, and let’s play!" — Julie Nutting

Check out this free excerpt from Collage Couture: Learn the basics of sketching colorful skirts, tops and dresses using a paper and pencil!

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SKU W6915
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