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Collage Playground

A Fresh Approach to Creating Mixed-Media Art

By Kimberly Santiago

Format: Paperback

SKU# Z5252

You’ll Love This Collage Mixed-Media Book If:

  • You want to learn new mixed media art techniques for creating original collages
  • You love incorporating paper, fabric & paint into your own collage pieces
  • You love learning from expert artist Kimberly Santiago & love making collages

Get ready to play, explore and learn along with Kimberly Santiago in Collage Playground. Discover exciting new collage art techniques, then use those "Collage Elements" to learn how to make 25 collages from start to finish.

With these ten simple collage techniques you’ll be ready to accomplish these projects or create a mixed media collage that is all your own. Create original works by taking collected items, deconstructing them and then reconstructing them into something new & beautiful. Refine your own artistic voice and start collaging today!

In the Collage Playground Book You’ll Learn:

  • Tips & techniques for including paper, fabric, paint & more craft supplies into your mixed media art projects
  • How to use rub-on transfers, textiles, sticker paper, altered book pages, shape cut-outs & more in your collaging
  • 25 collage projects that are fun and engaging

A Word From the Author:

"Ever had one of those days where you overthink everything? The right side of your brain is telling you to create, and the left side of your brain is saying, "Now let’s sit down and ponder this idea. " I have a solution for you: just go with creativity. Find your inner child and let loose with your art. Pull out those unfinished drawings, paintings and sketches; grab that box of loose photos and paper scraps; leaf through old books, magazines and textiles.

That’s right, go back to the playground! The place you ran around, free of your inhibitions. Go back to the stories you would make up and the drawings that went with them. Go back to your wide-open imagination and just create." — Kimberly Santiago

Check Out This Excerpt From Collage Playground:

Collage Resources
I loved show-and-tell day at school; I felt it was the time I got to know myself as well as others. I take this same view of the materials people select for their Collage Resources—the papers, maps, stamps, pamphlets, brochures and photos. What is it that appeals to you? Is there a common thread, or is it just a random selection?

Collage sources are abundant and found everywhere. Unsure of what to look for? Get started by looking over the list below and then select what appeals to you—just like show-and-tell.

  • Vintage books, pages and book jackets
  • Maps, graphs and charts
  • Postage stamps and collectible handbills
  • Postcards, letters, cards and mail labels
  • Advertisements, brochures and pamphlets
  • Newspapers
  • Kraft paper, gift bags and retail bags
  • Vellum, decorative and scrapbook papers
  • Food product packaging, cereal boxes, bags and food labels
  • Old prints, paintings, sketches and unfinished art
  • Signs, posters and catalog pages
  • Purchased papers, tissue paper and wrapping paper
  • Stencil templates
  • Vintage textiles, handkerchiefs, doilies and tablecloths
Learn How to Use Vintage Fabric as a Collage Background in this Excerpt From Collage Playground!

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SKU Z5252
Author/Speaker/Editor Kimberly Santiago
File/Trim Size 8 x 10
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781600617935
Number Of Pages 144

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