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Color Theory: For Oil and Watercolor eBook

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Advance your color knowledge

Instantly access all the color instruction you need to get started as a watercolor or oil artist. Know more about how to select the perfect hues to do your vision justice on canvas.

Download this essential guide now to:

  • Make your colors sing—David C. Gallup shares his unique process for relating color theory to musical composition.
  • Make your landscapes even more meaningful when you learn to control the hue, value, and saturation of color in your work.
  • Discover everything you need to know to take the first step as a watercolor artist—know your paints, colors, and more.
  • Build your go-to palette—learn advice to limiting your choices, making studies, and experimenting along the way.

Instantly access this step-by-step demonstrations included with the articles:

  • New Orleans Street with Construction Crew by Phil Sandusky

Download your copy instantly—the Color Theory: For Oil and Watercolor eBook goes directly to your computer—it’s quick and simple. No shipping charges and no wait time! You can create powerful designs right away!

SKU EP5419
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