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Colored Pencil Explorations

How to mix media for creative results

By Janie Gildow

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Colored Pencil Drawing Book If:

  • You want to explore new possibilities in colored pencil art
  • You love colored pencil art & want to learn more
  • You love learning from expert artist Janie Gildow

Janie Gildow is known for her expert instruction in the medium of colored pencil. Hear straight from the artist herself as she shares her top colored pencil drawing techniques & demonstrations for working with colored pencil with pastels and watercolor paints. From how to mix colors to using more advanced materials, you’re sure to improve your own colored pencil art. Each demonstration is tailored to drawing with colored pencil.

A versatile & fun medium, colored pencil drawing is great for drawing flowers, landscapes and still life of all kinds.

In Colored Pencil Explorations You’ll Learn:

  • How to draw with colored pencil in conjunction with watercolors and pastels
  • Tips & techniques for drawing flowers, still life & landscapes using colored pencil
  • How to use velour paper, brulage, mylar, plastic vellum, polymer clay & more in your colored pencil drawing

About the Author: Janie Gildow

Janie Gildow is an experienced colored pencil artist and the author of Colored Pencil Solution Book, and her work has appeared in many publications. She teaches workshops for the Colored Pencil Society of America and Creative Colored Pencil Workshops and she has won several prestigious awards.

A Word From the Author:

"This book introduces you to different mediums and shows you how well they partner with the colored pencil. Follow along step by step with well-known artists as they show you exactly how they work. See how they combine colored pencil with other mediums to augment and enrich their work.

Apply color with a brush, spray it on with an airbrush, rub it on with your fingers. Dissolve pigment with solvents. See how different surfaces affect the color and application of various combinations of mediums. Experience the luscious combinations of color and texture possible to you. Stoke up your creative fires. "

— Janie Gildow

Check Out This Excerpt From Colored Pencil Explorations:

How the Colored Pencil is Made:

Early man expressed himself with his drawing tools. Over the years drawing tools have been modified, refined and reinvented. The pencil has evolved from a piece of colored rock or a charred stick to today’s myriad offerings. The pencil’s function is to encase the "part that marks" and keep it from getting all over your hand as you use it. Just walk through an art store or office supply store to enjoy all the variations.

It’s fascinating to look at how the colored pencil is made — from its separate ingredients and elements to the finished product, boxed and ready for the retail shelves.

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SKU V8221
Author/Speaker/Editor Janie Gildow
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440323942
Number Of Pages 144

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