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Compose It Grids 4x5 Small Red 3:4

Format: Art Supplies

SKU# V8825

You’ll Love This Compose It Grid If:

  • You want to create a landscape, portrait or still life with realistic proportions
  • You love top quality art supplies that are available online
  • You want a composition grid that allows you to compare and simplify values

This Compose It Grid features a red transparent acrylic and a 4 x 5 inch dimension with a 3:4 proportion. Compose strong subjects by simplifying the values into light, medium and dark. The red acrylic makes isolating values easy!

Create accurate proportions then easily translate your sketches to your canvas or pad with this painting and drawing grid. Two small holes at the top serve a dual purpose. Use them to compare color values or thread a string through one and carry it easily around your neck. Do better work on location with this reusable durable sketching grid.

Features of the Compose It Grids 4x5 Small Red 3:4 Include:

  • Made with red transparent acrylic for easily isolating light and shadow
  • A smaller size for easy transportation and outdoor use
  • Small holes for value comparisons or a carrying string
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SKU V8825
Format Art Supplies

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