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Craftcycle eBook

100+ Eco-Friendly Projects and Ideas for Everyday Living

By Heidi Boyd

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Eco-Friendly Crafting eBook If:

  • You’re searching for fun green crafting projects for the whole family
  • You want to use recycled items & green ingredients in recipes and crafts
  • You love step-by-step instructions and sustainable living ideas

With more than 100 crafting ideas, organized by season, you’ll be creating all year long. Focusing on eco-friendly crafts, recipes and other sustainable tips, Heidi Boyd shares her love for all things crafting and all things green. These green living ideas are fun for the whole family and include clear step-by-step instruction, helpful photographs and completed diagrams for larger projects.

Each chapter includes seasonal tips and craft ideas for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Learn how to make a rug out of old t-shirts, a mobile out of driftwood and glass, an aluminum mirror frame, a bowl from old records or a necklace out of bottle caps. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve with recycled items!

In the Craftcycle eBook You’ll Learn:

  • Tips & techniques from 100 eco-friendly craft ideas and projects
  • How to use recycled materials in new & innovative ways
  • Great green crafting projects, fun for kids & adults

A Word From the Author:

" Creating out of waste is one effective way of reducing your carbon footprint, and maybe that of your friends and neighbors, too. There are so many other small and easy ways that we can help our planet. The foods we eat, the way we live in our homes and how we commute all impact the environment. We’ve intentionally arranged this book into four seasons so that you can quickly find appropriate craftcycling projects that integrate organizational finds in the spring, that feature natural materials in the summer, that highlight back-to school supplies and apartment furnishings in the fall and that offer plenty of gift ideas in the winter. In each season, you’ll also find our tried-and-true family favorite recipes that will encourage you to eat wonderfully fresh, locally grown food. Jon lent his expertise to build the large-scale projects and help me compile easy and green living tips to maximize your home’s efficiency and help us tread lightly on our precious world." — Heidi Boyd

Check Out This Excerpt From Craftcycle:

Tin Can Sewing Caddy & Pincushion
Step 1 Carefully remove and discard the lid of tin can. Use a metal file to smooth any sharp edges. We’ve found that not all can openers are created equal. Catherine’s hand-cranked opener prepared these cans. I have a very similar model, but it leaves a jagged edge. Make sure you completely clean and dry the empty can before crafting.

Step 2 Trim decorative paper to the length of the can, making sure it fits between the top and bottom rims. Use strips of double-sided tape to affix the paper around the outside of the can. Hot glue buttons or a section of measuring tape around the outside of the can.

Step 3 Trace a circle that extends a 1⁄2" (13mm) beyond the circumference of the can. Cut two circles of this size out of a felted sweater. Pin the circles right sides together. If you’re using upholstery cording, position it between the layers before pinning. Machine or hand stitch the edges together, leaving a 1" (3cm) opening to turn the piece right side out. Tightly pack the pincushion with stuffing, then hand stitch the opening closed. If you’re trimming the piece with chenille, cord or rickrack, hot glue it around the seam. The trims not only look pretty, they also support the pincushion on top of the can.

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SKU W3054
Author/Speaker/Editor Heidi Boyd
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ISBN 13 9781440316005
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