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Creating Abstract Art

By Dean Nimmer

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You’ll love this abstract painting book if:

  • You are interested in painting abstractly
  • You are looking for new ideas about abstract art
  • You want to explore techniques for successful abstract paintings

Overcome the familiar obstacles of “I don’t know what to paint!” and “How do I know if this good?” with this creative and inspiring guide for abstract painting. Learn to develop your own person style through projects and exercises geared to boost your confidence and appreciate your creative subconscious. Along the way you’ll hear from contemporary artists and their methods and viewpoints for creating abstract art.
Get started today and find the inspiration to move beyond the stereotypes and myths that abound for abstract art. Uncover the possibilities for making inventive and originally art without inhibition or the fear of failure while enjoying the creative process along the way!

In Creating Abstract Art you’ll find:

  • 40 exercises exploring original ideas and inventive techniques for creating abstract art including: shadow hunting, working with haiku poetry paintings and so much more
  • Projects that can be done in any order with nearly any materials
  • 50 contemporary artists share diverse work and viewpoints on the process of working abstractly

A Word from the Author

“I know that this more open-ended process can be somewhat frustrating, making you feel a bit adrift, not knowing exactly where you’re going, but the need to take pleasure in exploring uncharted territory is an essential part of the nature of abstraction that you can either embrace with enthusiasm for the challenges it poses to your imagination or choose to constantly fight with that part of yourself that insists on predictability and order. If that stuffy, opinionated part of yourself keeps winning out, you’ll get less out of reading and practicing what’s in this book than you might have if you just let go!

You can be confident that whatever direction you pursue using the projects and ideas in this book, you’ll have fun, and whatever your resulting picture or artwork looks like, your pieces will be a unique personal expression from your own creative subconscious. And though you’ll make some pieces you like and others you won’t like, the only thing you can do wrong in art is not make art.”
—Dean Nimmer

About the Author

Dean Nimmer, Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, has exhibited his work in over two hundred solo and group exhibitions across the United States, Europe, China, Japan and Australia. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Smith Art Museum, Harvard University; Museum Haus Katsuya, Japan and in the collection of the New York Public Library.

Dean’s goal in teaching is to inspire artists to find the myriad of accessible possibilities for creating original artworks that are inspired by the powers of imagination and an enthusiasm for the process of making art.


Chapter One: Get Started and Keep Going
Chapter Two: Learning from Alternative Realities, Philosophers and Art History
Chapter Three: Keeping your Passion Alive—Stop Whining and Create!
Chapter Four: Diverse Perspectives on Abstract Art
Contributing Artists Online
About Dean Nimmer

Author/Speaker/Editor Dean Nimmer
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