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Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes

By Sterling Edwards


You'll Love This Watercolor Book If:

  • You want to avoid muddy colors in your watercolor landscape paintings
  • You want to learn new tricks for painting rocks, skies, foliage and water in your watercolor work
  • You love painting watercolors and want to take your landscapes to the next level

Discover how to paint watercolor landscapes in a whole new way with the consistent 4-step process in Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes by Sterling Edwards. Maintain a transparent quality in your watercolor landscape paintings with tips and techniques from Sterling Edwards.

Watch now as Sterling Edwards opens up the pages of Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes and gives you some take-home tips along the way!

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In This Watercolor Landscape Painting Book You'll Find:

  • Sterling Edwards 4-step watercolor painting process
  • The right tools, paints and materials you need to paint watercolor landscapes
  • Do's and don'ts for watercolor landscape painting

Signature member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Sterling was also featured in "Best of America Watermedia Artists." He teaches workshops around the country and around the world, sharing his love for watercolor painting with artists of all skill levels. In this book you'll follow along step-by-step with Sterling as he shows you how to achieve rich darks and sparkling highlights whether you're painting a peaceful forest scene or a rushing river tableau.

A Word from the Author:

"Ten years ago if someone had suggested to me that I write a book. I would have been in a terrified state of disbelief. Today, however, it's another one of those big challenges that I find myself accepting as an adventure. This book is the culmination of years of learning, practicing, experimenting and always keeping an open mind about which direction my art is taking me. It's a road with lots of curves and very few rest stops. I will never learn it all, nor do I want to. Knowing there is so much more to learn keeps me thirsty for knowledge. My sincere hope is that this book will quench your thirst enough for you to be comfortable, but leave you thirsty enough to want more." — Sterling Edwards
Author/Speaker/Editor Sterling Edwards
File/Trim Size 10.875 x 8.25
ISBN 13 9781600614699
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