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Creative Awakenings

By Sheri Gaynor

Format: Paperback

SKU# Z2122

You’ll Love This Creativity & Art Journaling Book If:

  • You want to learn how to be creative in new & different ways
  • You love learning new mixed media techniques & approaches to art journaling
  • You want to learn and grow creatively with expert artist Sheri Gaynor

Sheri Gaynor shows you how to be creative, explore new forms of inspiration, start an art journal & set personal artistic intentions with this helpful workshop-in-a-book. Try new creative exercises, learn how to start an art journal, and take more risks in your work. These great art journaling ideas show you how to track your progress in your Book-of-Dreams Journal.

Sheri Gaynor shares her top step-by-step mixed media techniques and features work and tips from 12 carefully selected artists. Hear how they overcame issues and upped their own creativity. Learn how to set and keep an intention ands well as find inspiration thorugh the completed works of our featured artists. You can live the creative life you’ve been dreaming of, and you can start today!

In the Creative Awakenings Book You’ll Learn:

  • Tips & tricks for how to start an art journal
  • Creative exercises, mixed media techniques & art journaling tips for exploring your artistic voice
  • How to set a creative intention and track progress with your new art journal
A Word From the Author:
"As with most dreams, this book began without my knowing it, as a tiny seed in my heart. Creative Awakenings is a workshop in a book, based on a class and retreat I have been teaching for almost ten years called "EnVision the Life of Your Dreams!" The class supports clients and students in uncovering, discovering and creating a vision for their lives and businesses. For many participants it’s the first time they can share a dream aloud without someone telling them it’s impossible. As a result, our groups become safe havens, a cheering squad if you will, filled with DREAM SPIRIT! I will be your dream ally, workshop facilitator, outfitter and cheerleader, from afar." — Sheri Gaynor

Check Out This Excerpt From Creative Awakenings:

Committing to the Adventure
Here is your next challenge. In the beginning of any adventure, there comes a time when you have to commit to the journey by applying for a visa to visit the new territory. I have incorporated your visa application right in the book (see page 27). A visa affirms your intent to travel. The Creative Awakenings Visa is a contractual affirmation, offering you the opportunity to give yourself the time to truly commit to this personal expedition.

Do you ever hear yourself saying to friends, “I just can’t seem to find the time to be creative. Between my job and my family, it just keeps getting put on the back burner”? Oh my goddess, did you just feel a little pinch in your solar plexus? That probably means you can identify with this statement as being true for you.

Committing to the process and staying the course may be difficult for you, so I am going to offer you a challenge: Let Creative Awakenings became your CREATIVE MANDATE.

I know we are all frantically busy, and the idea of a twelve-month creative practice might feel like another weighty to-do, so I have created a couple of different visas to choose from: The twelve-month or the thirty-day. As with most visas, the dates of the journey are your choice. You can apply for the specific period of time suggested, or create your own time frame. Remember, you can always apply for re-entry!

When heading out on a journey, none of us will start on the same road or ocean. In a similar way, each of us will come to this journey with different life stories and experiences, as well as readiness and risk tolerance. Some will be completely ready to leap and others will need to take baby steps. Some will experience a series of small aha moments, others will have the light bulb go off. There is no correct way. The point is we all learn from one another and experience growth. It’s all part of the fun! What I will say is this: Never fear. Transformation can occur without completely unraveling your life as you currently know it!

Check out this exciting free excerpt about setting intentions from Creative Awakenings!

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SKU Z2122
Additional Feature 250 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Sheri Gaynor
File/Trim Size 10 x 8.25
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781600611155
Number Of Pages 152

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