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Creative Awakenings eBook

Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art

By Sheri Gaynor

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Creativity & Art Journaling Book If:

  • You love making art & want to find out how to be more creative
  • You want to try new mixed media techniques in the safety of your very own art journal
  • You want to learn more about setting intentions & trying new creative exercises along with Sheri Gaynor

Download this eBook right to your computer and you’ll instantly access page after page of exciting creativity tips and exercises all carefully selected to show you how to be creative. Through great projects and mixed media techniques you’ll be ready to explore your own artistic inspiration. Discover a great overview of the intention-setting process and step-by-step to starting your own art journaling. This Book-of-Dreams Journal allows you to try new things, take risks and express your artistic self fully.

Creative Awakenings features tip and tricks from 12 selected artists that have seen it all. Realize your own dream with intention setting and art journaling ideas found in this must-have book. In addition to great art journaling help and mixed media techniques you’ll also get an interactive bonus deck of tear-out prompt cards to help get you started.

In the Creative Awakenings eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to start an art journal
  • Creative prompts, exercises and mixed media techniques for exploring creativity
  • How to set an intention and record your progress in your new art journal
A Word From the Author:
"Creative Awakenings will invite you to honestly ask and answer your deepest questions. It will give you a safe place to begin to imagine the life you truly want to create, a way to look beyond what you can see now with creative exercises, tools and techniques to use along the way. Your journey begins here in this moment. I invite you to let the chatter and negative voices fade away, and allow your heart to open to the possibilities this experience will offer." — Sheri Gaynor

Check Out This Excerpt From Creative Awakenings:

Creating an Intention
To create intention is to create a vision of possibility. Intention is the union of aspiration, intuition, vision, personal action, synchronicity and sprinkling of alchemy. Intention invites you to take in the expansive view—broad, receptive and wide sweeping.

I believe the key to separating an intention from a goal is the word intuition. In modern culture we are increasingly disconnected from our innate inner wisdom and intuition. We are so plugged in that we have tuned out what is inside. When completing a goal, we generally have a defined series of steps that will help us get to the end result. By remaining focused on those steps, we may cut ourselves off from our own intuitive knowing.

With intention, we have the desired result in mind. Instead of relying on a specific list of steps to get us there, we are tapping into our intuition—our inner wisdom—to help us find our way. In doing this, not only do we see the target and the bull’s-eye, we are able to take in the full panorama! When we take in this larger view, it allows us to be open to change, new possibilities and synchronicity that may not have been a part of the original vision.

The beauty of intention is this: In the end, you might discover where you thought you were going isn’t exactly where you ended up. Yet when you look at the new view, you notice some of the original pieces are very much in place and some very unexpected pieces are there as well, because you allowed yourself to take in the full vista of possibilities. Let’s take this one step further. I think this idea will be one we can all relate to.

Check out this exciting free excerpt from Creative Awakenings!

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SKU W3046
Additional Feature 250 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Sheri Gaynor
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