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Creative Bloom

Projects and Inspiration with Fabric and Wire

By Jennifer Swift

Format: Paperback

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You’ll Love This Crafting Book If:

  • You want to learn more about being creative, crafting and working with fabric and wire
  • You love Jennifer Swift & want to create your own pieces in her fun style
  • You love making crafts and want to try new projects

Creative Bloom features 21 step-by-step projects showing you everything you need to know in order to create fun, creative & simple fabric and wire crafts. This book shows you everything you need in order to master these top crafting techniques and tips.

Step-by-step you’ll follow along as Jennifer Swift demonstrates a wide variety of projects including a bird sculpture, a butterfly lamp, necklaces, canvas bags and much more. Once you learn these techniques and practice these projects you’ll be able to create special pieces and projects of your very own. In addition to great techniques you’ll also discover vignettes an advice on being more creative, finding inspiration and using the right tools.

In the Creative Bloom Book You’ll Learn:

  • Crafting tips & techniques for working with wire and fabric
  • How to work with wire in a variety of ways including sculpting wire, stitching fabric to wire, making fabric pages and more
  • Exciting crafting projects including a butterfly lamp, bird sculpture, canvas bag, bracelets, necklaces and more step-by-step

About the Artist: Jennifer Swift

Jennifer is a Minneapolis-based pattern artist and designer. She has been featured in many top art and craft magazines including Sew Somerset and Somerset Home and she has her own Esty shop&Mdash;Bird From a Wire. She is an author and loves to work with fabric and wire.

A Word From the Author:

"It is my hope that this book will help you cultivate your garden. That you’ll feel inspired to clear the ground and dig in. That you will see your garden thrive and bloom, and that others will see in our gardens the possibilities for their own. I imagine a world filled with people who have gardens of inspiration growing and blooming within them, a world of people enjoying their own Creative Bloom." — Jennifer Swift

Check Out This Excerpt From Creative Bloom:

Amending Your Soil
Identifying Problems and Finding Creative Solutions
Most gardeners know, or have found out the hard way, that fabulous bloom times are impossible to achieve in poor soil. The soil of a garden is its foundation. It is in your soil that your plant’s roots will stretch and grow and be nourished. Soil that is missing minerals or that is too hard or too porous won’t allow seedlings to develop into healthy and hearty plants. Amending the soil with organic material will change it from poor and deficient into a lovely, rich material your plants will love.

Designing Your Space

Much like the soil, our surroundings will either nurture us or deplete us. If surrounded by chaos, our artistic dreams will often wither and die. However, surroundings that nurture our souls with vignettes of beauty and art will allow us to grow and develop as artists. This rich soil is the foundation of our artistic gardens, where our dreams are fertilized. What are your surroundings like? How do you feel in your home? Is it a place you can create in, or are you distracted the moment you walk in the door? The goal of having a beautiful home is one that many of us share. Artist or not, we all want a comfortable and inviting sanctuary. However, the reality is often far from this vision of loveliness, and many of us are so frustrated by the disparity that we give up. We decide that a home of grace and beauty is only possible for those blessed with the talents of an interior designer or the money to hire one.

I’m not an interior designer, but as an artist I’ve often been called over to friends’ houses to help choose a paint color or decide on furniture placement. Every once in a while a friend will murmur something about how she’d love to see my house: "It must be so lovely and artistic!" I’ll smile and secretly resolve never to invite her over. My house is a bedlam of mismatched furniture, cluttered art supplies and half-finished renovation projects, all within the lovely package of an early 1980s split-level desperately in need of a complete remodel. No, I am more than happy to drive to wherever my friends are for a get-together or consult if it means they’re able to keep their perceptions of my "lovely and artistic" home.

One day, after someone had just commented again on what a lovely house I must have, I looked around my living room and realized no visitor would ever be able to guess that an artist lived there. I simply didn’t have anything that said "art." As I stood there, surprised by the revelation, a phrase came to mind. It was a phrase I’d stumbled upon a day or two before as I was playing with some cut-out text from newspapers and magazines, looking for inspiration. I was rearranging, moving and combining different words, hoping to discover something interesting, when my eye caught the word art positioned right next to the words as usual. I liked the sound of it immediately: "Art as usual." Art should be the usual, I thought. It should be an everyday, live-with-it-casually, have-it-surround- me kind of usual.

As I pondered my personality-starved home and the phrase "Art as usual," it occurred to me that I could make it a goal to immerse my life and surroundings with art. Instead of thinking of my art as an activity resting along the edges of my life, I would allow art to become part of the usual. I could get up, have coffee, do some doodling, wash dishes, work on a sculpture, run an errand and so on throughout the day until I ended it sitting on the couch or in front of the fireplace, stitching in hand. It sounded so lovely, and for the first time, so doable. I kept my Wednesday night studio time but added in all kinds of little art breaks each day. I treated them as part of my everyday routine rather than something special I had to find time for. And you know what? It worked!

Creating art was now a part of my day-to-day routine, but I wanted to make it the usual in my home as well. I had to make my surroundings reflect my artistic personality by filling them with art. I started by looking at my space and finding parts of it I really didn’t like or that I thought were unattractive. I looked for aesthetic problems that would inspire me to find creative solutions. The cold, bare floor inspired me to tear my old T-shirt collection into strips to create a comfy knitted floor rug. I used my wire-working skills to add leaves and branches to a plain black lamp. These became a perch for a little mama bird watching over her nest. Ordinary things became inspired works of art. Every part of the room was an empty canvas. Soon I found myself walking through my home trying to find more problems to inspire creative solutions. I still love to do this. Not only do I find inspiration, but I also simultaneously create a place of beauty, a home that reflects who I am and feeds and comforts my soul through daily contact.

My home is still too cluttered, too disrupted and too mismatched. It is also slowly becoming the "lovely and artistic" space my friends all imagine I live in. I imagine someday it will be my ideal home, a place that seems to hug you as you enter, a warm, comfy, cozy place that will be a retreat to whoever lingers within it. An art-filled environment in which one can live a life where art is the usual.

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SKU Z6943
Additional Feature 300 color illustrations, 15 Black & White illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Jennifer Swift
File/Trim Size 8.25 x 10.875
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440303166
Number Of Pages 128

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