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Creative Time and Space eBook

Making Room for Making Art

By Rice Freeman-Zachery

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Creativity & Time Management eBook If:

  • You want to make more art, but don’t think you have the time
  • You are searching for time management tips specifically for artists
  • You love trying new creative exercises & love the teaching style of Rice Freeman-Zachery

Rice Freeman-Zachery and a team of selected artists share their approaches to time management and creativity in this inspirational eBook. You can instantly download this convenient PDF right to your computer or tablet, making learning these great creativity tips simple. Discover a fresh approach to making time for art in your life with these great exercises & stories. Carve out time and physical space for creating with Creative and Space. Discover how you can be creative while still handling your every day life.

Active sidebars, photos of completed works and examples of functional workspaces make this book a must-have for artists that need to mix-up their creative life. Get the inside look at the creative process today!

In the Creative Time and Space eBook You’ll Learn:

  • Creativity tips & techniques for getting out of creative ruts
  • How to explore creativity & make time in your life for making art
  • Exciting creative tips & exercises from a group of featured artists

A Word From the Author:

"There may be a few artists somewhere who have all the time and all the space they could possibly need, but I sure haven’t talked to them. The artists I talk to—even the ones who make art full time in custom-designed studios—all could use just a little more.

Time and space are always issues, no matter what creative work you do. And when we talk about time and space, we aren’t talking just about clock time and actual physical space. That would be the easy part. If that were all there was to it, we could cut out all the chores and errands and let the house and yard work pile up in order to gain a few extra hours a week; and we could scrimp and save and add a little room onto the back of our house where we could actually go to paint. " — Rice Freeman-Zachery

Check Out This Excerpt From Creative Time and Space:

Try This
How do you think of time? First, draw a "time line" for a typical day—and it doesn’t have to be a line. Draw a line or a circle or triangle or whatever—that represents how you see time. Make it thin in the parts where time seems to fly by, and make the line thicker in the parts of the day when it seems to slow down. Place hash marks at the points of the day that divide one part from another. Yours might lie at mealtimes and breaks, or they might mark the delineation between home life and work or between the times when your brain is sluggish and when it’s perking. Add as many details as you want to create a visual representation of how you see time. Pin this up where you can study it. How does it make you feel: Rushed? As if you have plenty of time? Make notes about these perceptions in your notebook.

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SKU W1897
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