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Dan Thompson Featured Artist Bundle

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Figure Drawing I: Anatomy of the Head with Dan Thompson [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Develop a strong foundation for your portraits with this video workshop! Join expert draftsman Dan Thompson as he reveals his approach to creating expressive and convincing portraits. Better identify critical landmarks in the skull and learn how these underlying structures can help you identify proportion, weight distribution, orientation, and more. Celebrate the human form—give your portraits the depth and detail they deserve with this essential lesson!

Figure Drawing II: The Gesture with Dan Thompson [VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Add richness and animation to your figure drawings—working from a live model! Join expert draftsman Dan Thompson as he reveals his approach to capturing a likeness of stance and distribution of weight in the body. Learn how to draw people from the master figure draftsman that has captivated viewers for years. Get an in-depth look at his process and how he achieves the life-like results we have come to expect from him.


Face the challenge of representing a three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface with the help of the master draftsmen featured in the pages of this must-have issue. Use a range of strategies when drawing the figure—Dan Thompson shares his tips for creating life-like drawings. Explore helpful advice and inspiring imagery as you learn tips from top artists such as Kelly Wallace, Dan Gheno, Aron Wiesenfeld, and more!


In this issue, benefit from an in-depth tutorial about using anatomy in your drawing. Plus, learn to master the art of simplicity, find large-scale graphite drawings, improve your drawings through anatomy, see the 15 cover contest winners revealed, and learn how to draw the outline of a figure 

SKU EP4277-EP4276-EP3675-EP4390-BUNDLE
Format Bundle

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