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Expressive Oil Painting eBook

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You'll Love This Oil Painting eBook If:

  • You want to learn new oil painting techniques
  • You want to start learning right away with this digital video download
  • You want to create accurate facial features in your figure drawing
Instantly download this exciting oil painting ebook directly to your laptop or desktop and start painting. In Expressive Oil Painting expert painter George Allen Durkee shares his top oil painting techniques & tips for creating interesting & vibrant landscapes.

This book includes exercises that are great for beginners and demonstrations that help intermediate painters flex their creative muscles. Learn how to paint with oil in a way that brings emotion, life & excitement to your canvas.

In Expressive Oil Painting You'll Learn:

  • How to master hue, value, intensity, pigments and light in your oil landscapes
  • Tips & techniques for creating a strong landcape composition
  • Five ways to convey distance when painting with oils

A Word From the Author:

If you need the concepts of oil painting explained in a straightforward way, you've chosen the right book. According to your learning style, work your way carefully from start to finish, or scan the entire text before returning to a section you want to study in greater depth. If you are an experienced painter, you may choose to go directly to the painting demonstrations in part two. — George Allen Durkee

Check Out This Excerpt From Expressive Oil Painting:

Drawing in perspective is a combination of understanding, careful observation and practice. Perspective is really an optical illusion. The theory of perspective is simply a way of explaining the way things look rather than the way they actually are. Understand this optical distortion and draw what you see. I'll help you with the basic overview of how perspective works, the basic theory and how to put the theory into practice.

It may be helpful to think of the world as fi lled with water up to the level of your eyes. You look up at everything above the water level, and down at everything below.

Receding horizontal lines appear not horizontal at all, but instead seem to slant. These lines, which in reality are parallel to the horizontal eye level, slant to varying degrees according to how far they are above or below the level of your eyes. Extended far enough beyond the shapes they defi ne, they will converge with the eye level. These convergences are called vanishing points. It is not necessary to draw actual lines extending beyond the objects you depict and all the way to vanishing points. However, you do need to visualize them.

This photograph was taken from a higher eye level. Compare the perspective lines to the ones in step 2. See how the slant of the lines has changed. Now they correspond to the new eye level. When you raise or lower your eye level, vanishing points and perspectivelines will change accordingly. This means if you visualize painting while standing and then sit down to paint, the look of things will have altered.

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SKU U1185
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Great material Review by Bogdan

This is absolutely valuable book for the landscape painters. Great explanations and gorgeous examples of landscape painting.
The author covers all required areas for the successful picture completion.

(Posted on 9/28/2014)

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