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Paint People in Acrylic with Lee Hammond eBook

By Lee Hammond

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Acrylic Painting eBook If:

  • You want to learn new tips & tricks for painting portraits in acrylics
  • You love painting with acrylics & you want to discover how to paint skin tones and ages
  • You love learning how to paint people along with expert artist, Lee Hammond

Enjoy the friendly, clear & helpful instruction straight from expert artist Lee Hammond in this step-by-step acrylic painting eBook. Learn how to paint portraits from the neck up using acrylic paints. These acrylic painting techniques are great for beginners looking to get started in acrylics or more experienced artist looking to refresh their foundational skills.

Learn how to paint people with each demonstration, progressively develop your skills as each project builds on the previous exercise. Learn how to paint noses, mouths, eyes, ears and hair as well as full portraits, giving your finished product a more realistic & lifelike look.

In the Paint People in Acrylic with Lee Hammond eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to mix acrylic colors in order to create a variety of skin tones & hair colors
  • Acrylic painting techniques for adding details and using photos as a reference
  • How to paint your model in a variety of poses, from a variety of angles

A Word From the Author:

"There are many painting books about creating portraits, but each one is different. We have so many books to choose from because we are all so unique. If we all approached or perceived things the same way, we would only need one book to learn from. But life and art are not that simple, and the differences are what make art so much fun. So, in art there is no real right or wrong way. There are just many different approaches. As creative people it is up to us to experiment and choose the techniques that fit our own style." — Lee Hammond

Check Out This Excerpt From Paint People in Acrylic with Lee Hammond:

Understanding Color: Basics
Acrylic painting is a wonderful way to explore color theory. Its bright, rich pigments are fun to experiment with. Here are the basic color relationships to know.

Primary Colors: The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. They are also called the "true" colors. All other colors are created from these three. Look at the color wheel and see how they form a triangle if you connect them with a line.

Secondary Colors: Each secondary color is created by mixing two primaries together. Blue and yellow make green; red and blue make violet; and red and yellow make orange.

Tertiary Colors: Tertiary colors are created by mixing a primary color with the color next to it on the color wheel. For instance, mixing red and violet produces red-violet. Mixing blue with green makes blue-green, and mixing yellow with orange gives you yellow-orange.

Complementary Colors: Any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel are called complementary. Red and green, for example, are complements. The painting on the facing page is an example of a complementary color scheme used in a painting. The red and green contrast beautifully, each color making the other one really stand out.

These books are presented in PDF format and are viewable on both MACs and PCs with Adobe Acrobat, a free program.

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SKU Z5700
Additional Feature 225 color photos
Author/Speaker/Editor Lee Hammond
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Five Star Review by Linda

I love Lee Hammond's Paint People in acrylic.

Her instruction and tips make it easier to understand; and I am learning, so much more quickly.

(Posted on 11/7/2014)

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