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Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces eBook

By Carrie Stuart Parks

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Drawing eBook If:

  • You love drawing portraits & want to achieve more realistic faces
  • You want to learn exciting tips and tricks for drawing facial features
  • You love the welcoming instructional style of Carrie Stuart Parks

Learn how to draw strikingly realistic faces when you download this detailed eBook from Carrie Stuart Parks. Create detailed features, accurate proportions and dimensional shading with these step by step face drawing demonstrations and exercises. Carrie makes drawing easy and fun with effective drawing lessons and helpful before-and-after examples from students.

Carrie’s proven face drawing exercises have been used to train artists around the country and now you can learn these same great lessons in the comfort of your own home. Instantly download this convenient PDF and you’ll be ready to learn. Draw vivid self portraits, portraits of friends or work from a reference photo, with these face mapping techniques. Study shapes within a composition and learn how to draw them more realistically.

In the Secrets to Realistic Drawing eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to draw realistic eyes, ears, noses, lips, teeth, hair & head shapes
  • Drawing techniques for easily correcting mistakes & fixing parts of a drawing that don’t look quite right
  • How to draw faces that are more realistic in a matter of hours

A Word From the Author:

"My original reference materials were ‘draw the face’ type books. I soon realized that a more detailed book, such as this one, was a necessity. The level of facial information I was teaching to my students didn’t exist in any drawing book. Composite artists cannot draw what they feel or take artistic license like regular artists. Their drawings come not from their creative dreams but from a witness’s nightmares." — Carrie Stuart Parks

Check Out This Excerpt From Secrets to Realistic Drawing:

Any object in front of you is measurable. Most people have been taught to measure an object by comparing it to something they know. Traditionally, you may compare something to a specific measurement, such as a ruler. There is an expression "bigger than a bread box"—though most young people today have never seen a bread box. This is a comparison. Everything in front of you can be compared. An object is either the same size as, larger tan or small than something else.

Bigger than a bread box
Using a map as an example, you check the distance from one point to the next by comparing it to the map scale. You don’t use the scale to measure another map or the length of a baseball field—only the contents of this particular map.

You can measure a variety of objects using other forms of measurement, such as a gallon or a meterstick Artists also measure objects. The difference is that they measure an object by comparing it to itself.

All about baselines
A baseline is a comparison system. For example, when compared in a range of Chihuahuas to Great Danes, a "big" dog is a German shepherd. A German shepherd, however, is not all that big when compared to an elephant. Size is relative to what is being compared.

When you use this system in art, you compare the baseline in the image in front of you to something else in the same image. For example, you may wish to compare an object’s length to its width. Because you’ll be drawing this object, you also have a straight line that you can use as a baseline in your drawing.

Establishing baselines in photographs
The easiest way to measure objects with a baseline is to use photographs. Photos don’t move, are already in two dimensions and are easy to refer to. To do this simple exercise, you will need a pencil, an eraser, a sketch pad, a scrap of paper and a large, easy-to-see photograph.

About the Author

Carrie Stuart Parks has been a professional artist since 1976 and has received numerous awards for her work. She has extensive teaching experience in both fine and forensic art, and she has researched, developed and taught many different classes in forensic art that are used nationally by numerous organizations. Her art is featured in a number of private and corporate collections. She lives in Skeel Gulch, Idaho.

These books are presented in PDF format and are viewable on both MACs and PCs with Adobe Acrobat, a free program.

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