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Secrets to Realistic Drawing eBook

By Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Drawing eBook If:

  • You want to learn exciting tips for creating realistic portraits, animals, flowers & more
  • You love to draw and you love the instructional style of Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks
  • You want to try drawing but don’t know where to start

Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks show you quick, efficient drawing tips for creating more realistic results in this eBook. Learn how to draw a variety of subjects with encouraging instruction from Carrie and Rick. You’ll love their can-do attitude and infectious support and soon you’ll have a notebook full of lifelike sketches. Even beginning artists will create realistic pieces.

Learn how to fix missteps and hear from Carrie and Rick as they share their picks for the best drawing materials and supplies. In Secrets to Realistic Drawing you’ll follow along with these expert composite artists through five start to finish demonstrations giving you the chance to make your drawing dreams come true. Sketch lifelike portraits, flowers, animals and more today with the basic drawing techniques found in this easily downloadable eBook.

In the Secrets to Realistic Drawing eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to draw correct proportions, scale to values and shade
  • Drawing techniques for easily correcting mistakes & fixing parts of a drawing that don’t look quite right
  • How to make your drawing look more lifelike with 5 detailed step-by-step demonstrations

A Word From the Authors:

"You, too, can realize your dream of becoming an artist if you set your mind to it. This book aims to teach you what it takes to do just that. I’m not going to set a bunch of stuff in front of you and expect miracles. Instead, I’ll cover all the essentials, teaching you the secrets of realistic drawing one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be turning out picturesque landscapes, stellar portraits—any subject that you like!" — Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks

Check Out This Excerpt From Secrets to Realistic Drawing:

A Place to Work
Now you need a place to lay your supplies and go about the business of drawing. A full-size drawing table provides a firm, steady surface and enough room to rest your arms s you draw. The table angles so that your drawing paper is parallel to your eyes, which minimizes the chance for visual distortion as you work.

Your pencils, erasers, sharpeners and other tools should be arranged in an uncluttered fashion and made easily accessible for drawing. It helps put you quickly in the mood to draw if you can leave your art materials set up in a designated area. I have a studio where I keep my table, along with a taboret (or art-supply caddy), pencil tray and a light. Rick, of course, has two drawing tables, and they’re bigger than mine. It’s one of those things I have learned to live with.

If you have limited space or want to carry your studio with you, consider a portable drawing table. I have a dandy one that has a handle for easy transport and whose angle is somewhat adjustable (though not as much as a larger drawing table). Homemade drawing surfaces work just as well, as long as they are firm and steady. Use a clipboard or a piece of smooth material such as Masonite or plywood with the addition of bulldog clips or drafting tape to hold your work in place.

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SKU Z5705
Additional Feature 200 b&w illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Carrie Stuart Parks & Rick Parks
File/Trim Size 16 MB
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781600618772
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