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Start Sketching and Drawing Now eBook

Simple techniques for drawing landscapes, people and objects

By Grant Fuller

Format: eBook

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You'll Love This Drawing Technique Book If:

  • You want to learn tips for drawing with a variety of medium
  • You love drawing & want to learn professional techniques for improving your art
  • You love to draw but don't know where to start
Love to doodle? Move beyond the napkin & start drawing today. Start creating & soon you'll be mastering basic drawing techniques with Start Sketching and Drawing Now. In addition to step-by-step explanation of classic drawing techniques, this book from top artist, Grant Fuller, you'll also learn from drawing demonstrations for creating a cat, a coffee pot, a street scene, a character study, autumn leaves and Lily Pads. In addition to working with graphite you'll also get great techniques and tricks for working with pen & ink, charcoal, colored pencils and pastels.

Discover how to sketch along with Grant Fuller and train your eyes to see the world like an artist in this drawing book. Get more than 30 drawing demonstrations jam-packed with exciting lessons & tips.

In Start Sketching and Drawing Now You'll Learn:

  • Graphite drawing techniques including how to create hard and soft lines
  • How to apply and blend tone and avoid smudging in your art
  • How to master proportion incuding foreshortening and scaling a drawing with a grid
  • How to draw outdoors on site
  • Techniques for drawing faces & figures including facial anatomy, contours and gestures

A Word From the Author:

Practice is important in developing good drawing skills, but professional instruction can save many hours of trial and error. Most importantly, think of drawing as a pleasant pastime, a process of searching and exploring. If you view the drawing process as some sort of test, you will only increase the pressure and decrease the pleasure. Learn instead to think of the drawing process as a form of freedom. Grab a sketchbook, and don't be afraid to scribble and play. - — Grant Fuller

Check Out This Excerpt From Start Sketching and Drawing Now:

Memory Can Be a Roadblock
Because of the simplified symbols already present in our subconscious, when beginners are asked to draw something from memory the results is often similar to the imaes you see here. Upgrade your memory!

Draw Things in Order to Really See Them!
In the course of drawing unusually common objects, you will learn how things work --not scientifically, but how the parts connect and relate in size and shape. Drawing something as mundane as an electrical plug can be an adventure in seeing. You will begin to notice things that make you realize you have been looking but not really seeing.

Draw What You See, Not What You Know
Even after only one drawing, you will notice so much more about your surroundings. It becomes a personal challenge to discover new information about things you have seen a thousand times.

Force Yourself to See
Many items that appear complex at first are really made up of simple geometric shapes. A camera is just a few ovals and rectangles, but seeing how they fit together makes the drawing process exciting. Force yourself to see. You know the camera lens is a circle, but from an angle the circle becomes an oval.

Keep Practicing!
Some objects look easy to draw, but upon closer examination, will present unexpected challenges. Making an object look convincingly real takes practice, so do not be discouraged if you don't get it right the first time.

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SKU W7557
Additional Feature 360 Black & White Illustrations, 40 Color Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Grant Fuller
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440320729

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