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Watercolor for the Fun of It: Flowers and Leaves eBook

By Judy Eaton

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Watercolor Painting eBook If:

  • You love the look of watercolor flowers & want to create your own pieces
  • You want to learn basic watercolor painting techniques & tips for more realistic flowers
  • You want to learn along with expert artist Judy Eaton

Judy Eaton shares her top tips for how to paint flowers in this eBook of watercolor painting techniques. Learn how to create strong floral compositions, mix the right colors and explore your creative side with each watercolor painting demonstration. With this easily downloadable eBook you’ll be able to instantly access page after page of fun watercolor painting instruction. This complete guide to painting flowers in watercolor shows you how to paint a lily, sunflowers, hibiscus, Queen Anne’s Lace and many other varieties.

Starting with a "Quick Start Guide" of terms, materials and exercises then moving on to detailed demonstrations, this eBook covers everything you need to know to paint in watercolor with confidence. If you’re new to watercolor painting you can get great results with this book from Judy Eaton. Judy discusses the anatomy of flowers and how to paint beautiful petals and realistic flowers using brushwork and other techniques. Capture nature on your canvas today!

In the Watercolor for the Fun of It: Flowers and Leaves eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to paint flowers including daylilies, hibiscus, sunflowers, stargazer lilies, Queen Anne’s Lace and many more
  • Watercolor techniques for mixing colors, painting leaves, composing flower paintings and brushwork
  • How to complete floral paintings from start to finish with easy to follow demonstrations

A Word From the Author:

"The goal of this book is to explain the basic techniques that will help you become a better painter. Then you will follow several step-by-step demonstrations, which will put those miles on your brush. Although the subjects of this book are flowers and leaves, the lessons and techniques you will learn can be adapted to fit any other subject. You will start with simple forms and tips and build from there. More complex forms are really just several simple forms grouped together, so it’s not so hard after all! We’ll even learn ways to control and correct watercolor, but don’t tell the uninitiated that it’s not the hardest medium after all. Just let them be awed that you can handle watercolor. You will also explore a variety of ways to paint and the materials that will help you create art from the images in your mind." — Judy Eaton

Check Out This Excerpt From Watercolor for the Fun of It: Flowers and Leaves:

Set Off Your Edges with Dark Backgrounds
Painting a dark background with both hard and soft edges will set off a vibrant or light-colored center of interest. It’s also a good way to add interest and depth to the composition by making the negative space more exciting.

Since you must keep the edges of the dark paint wet, you need to include lines in the drawing to give yourself places to stop. Think about where to change colors before you paint. If one edge is drying too quickly while you work on another, wet it with water, eliminating any hard lines. Let dry, re-wet and repaint later. This technique sounds complicated, but it’s really quite simple and forgiving.

Think about how the color flows as you paint. It’s very important to continue a particular color as it goes under the stem, vide or leaf.

The more often you begin a color change on one side of a shape and continue it to the other side, the more unified and interesting your background will be. Try to have lots of color variety in paint edges. You can re-wet any edges that don’t satisfy you and paint them again. A touch of another color along the soft edge adds to the excitement, and you can always add this by simply re-wetting.

These books are presented in PDF format and are viewable on both MACs and PCs with Adobe Acrobat, a free program.

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SKU Z5708
Additional Feature 200 color illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Judy Eaton
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