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Watercolor for the Fun of It: Painting People eBook

By Michaelin Otis

Format: eBook

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You’ll Love This Watercolor Painting eBook If:

  • You love painting people & want to know more about working with watercolor
  • You want top quality tips and techniques for painting portraits
  • You love painting with watercolor & the instruction of Michaelin Otis

Learn how to paint a portrait that is lifelike & realistic using watercolor paints in this exciting eBook from Michaelin Otis. These great watercolor painting tricks will help you create paintings of people that not only have accurate facial features but also captures the spirit of your subject. These favorite tricks from Michaelin include the value of measuring, comparing one shape to another, how starting with the eyes leads to the right facial proportions, and much more.

This eBook features exciting portrait painting projects, including five specifically on painting children, as well as a "Quick Start Guide" that covers tools, materials and basic watercolor techniques. With these exciting portrait painting techniques, you’ll have the skills and confidence to paint a wide range of people and personalities. With this guide you’ll attempt your first portraits & succeed. Vibrant and lifelike results mean you’ll be inspired to start your own watercolor portrait painting adventure.

In the Watercolor for the Fun of It: Painting People eBook eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to paint realistic facial features using watercolor paint
  • Watercolor techniques for mixing & painting a range of skin and hair colors
  • How to paint your portrait subject in a variety of poses & capture the personality and qualities of your model

A Word From the Author:

"There are many wonderful subjects to paint, but people are my favorite. There is something much more emotional to me in paintings of people rather than a landscape or still life. Of course, every artist is different, and hopefully you are reading this book because you feel the same. I hope you will have fun doing the lessons in this book and get as excited as I do when capturing a bit of someone’s soul on a piece of paper." — Michaelin Otis

Check Out This Excerpt From Watercolor for the Fun of It: Getting Started:

Applying a Wash
A wash is a very thin first layer of paint that is applied to wet or dry paper. Bring some paint out onto the mixing area of your palette and make a diluted mixture with just a little paint and a lot of water. Fill your brush with this wash mixture and apply.

When painting on dry paper, start at the top and work down. When painting on wet paper, first apply water to the paper with a large brush, making sure the paper is very shiny and wet, with no puddles. Start your wash while the surface is shiny wet. When the shine starts to soak in, stop and dry the surface. You can always rewet after the surface dries completely and start again.

What is a Glaze?
A glaze is the same as a wash but is a second coat of either the same or a different color. Each glaze will become darker than the last. Make sure the first wash is completely dry before adding another layer. You can use a hair dryer if you are impatient.

Lifting Color
You life color by dabbing with a dry paper towel while the paint is still wet. If the paint is dry, use a wet brush to dampen the area with a dry paper towel. Or you can use a damp brush to lift off the color. A damp brush is a brush that is filled with water and then dried off a bit so it feels just damp and not soaking wet. You will find that color lifts off much easier on this surface than on traditional cold-pressed paper.

Softening an Edge
Softening an edge is done when a strong sharp edge is not wanted. If the paint is still wet, run a damp brush along the edge of the paint. Make sure that the brush does not have too much water in it. If the paint is dry, you can still soften by wetting the edge with a damp brush and then wiping the edge with a paper towel.

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SKU Z5696
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