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The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil eBook

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You'll Love This Colored Pencil Drawing eBook If:

  • You want to know everything about drawing with colored pencils
  • You're searching for more advanced colored pencil drawing demonstrations
  • You love drawing and want to add professional techniques & approaches to your own work
Get 35 step by step colored pencil drawing demonstrations right away with The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil eBook. This easy to use PDF is searchable by keyword so you can quickly accesss your favorite colored pencil drawing techniques. Author & artist Gary Greene takes you through every aspect of colored pencil drawing.

From discussing the materials and tools that are best for colored pencil artists such as erasers, solvents, lightfast pencils and even which brands are best for you to covering tips & tricks for avoiding color contamination and how to apply color gradually for best results, you can find it all in this one-stop colored pencil drawing eBook. Learn how to draw still life, flowers, animals, landscapes & much more in The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil.

In The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil You'll Learn:

  • How to compose & create strong reference photos of your colored pencil drawings
  • Colored pencil specific tips & techniques for layering, burnishing and underpainting
  • The differences and attributes of traditional colored pencils and watercolor pencils

A Word From the Author:

My previous colored pencil books were primarily targeted for artists new to the medium, but The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil includes demonstrations that challenge more advanced colored pencil artists, alongside demonstrations newcomers can learn and then move on to the more sophisticated lessons.

Producing this book has broadened my own artistic horizons as well, inspiring me to create a variety of demonstrations with new approaches and innovations.

As in all of my books, every effort has been made to write the instructional text as clearly and concisely as possible, entirely without "artspeak,' so don't bother looking for the term "juxtapose' --it's not found anywhere in this book." — Gary Greene

Check Out this Excerpt From The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil

Adding Color Gradually:
Regardless of technique, color is always added gradually, with as little pressure as possible and a needle-sharp point. Heavy application of pigment made all at once defeats your ability to utilize colored pencil's unique translucent characteristics because they are simply overpowered, somewhat like covering a prime steak with a bottle of ketchup.

Keeping the pencil sharp allows the point to deliver the pigment into the tooth's valleys. A dull point does not fit into the valleys, leaving them bare, which makes seem like not enough color is being applied. The natural response is to apply more pressure, which leads to applying too much pigment too soon.

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