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Doodles Unleashed

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You’ll Love This Doodling Book If:

  • You love to doodle & create free-flowing art
  • You love finding personal & unique forms of artistic expression
  • You want to create more complete doodle artwork

Painting & drawing ideas abound in Doodles Unleashed. Create personal and special art by mastering this free-form medium. Traci Bautista shows you how to unleash your own creative voice, and enjoy this raw form of expression. Tell a personal story, explore dreams & ideas with a wide range of tools when you learn how to doodle. Use markers, pencils and pens to create a wide variety of textures and effects. Stamps, stencils, inks and paints are all featured in these doodling projects and lessons of Doodles Unleashed

60 exciting doodling techniques will help you make your own mark in your art journal, on your paper or on your canvas. Doodle with spontaneous marks, patterns, scrawls, and stylistic strikes. In addition to great doodling ideas & exercises you’ll also get additional downloads and videos via handy links.

In Doodles Unleashed You’ll Learn:

  • How to create textures and interesting mixed media backgrounds
  • How to use photographs, fabric, typography & more for doodling inspiration
  • Tips & techniques for working with & creating marks with unusual tools such as skewers, toothpicks, sequin waste and so much more

A Word From the Author:

"Handmade and found tools can be inexpensive and fun. It’s the hunt for the objects that is part of the fun. Look at objects with different eyes; what can you use to make marks? Take a trip to the dollar store, hardware store or thrift shop, or look around your home. You’ll be amazed by the simple tools you’ll find and things that have alternative uses for stamping and printing. Train your eyes to see patterns and find textures in household items and found objects." — Traci Bautista

Check Out This Excerpt From Doodles Unleashed:

Here are some ideas to try:
  • Place various stencils on your chosen surface, then spray paint through them.
  • Scribble marks and words as they come to you with dimensional paint.
  • Paint through sequin waste and doodle over the resulting pattern.
  • Call out areas of a painting with different pens and oil pastels, choosing your medium at random.
  • Stamp the entire alphabet onto a page and doodle about a word or theme that arises from each letter.
  • Close your eyes and paint.
Check out this exciting free excerpt: how to create a graffiti art flower bouquet using acrylic paint and markers from Doodles Unleashed!

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SKU GROUP-Y2997-Y2998
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