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Draw and Paint Realistic Horses

By Jeanne Filler Scott

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You’ll Love This Horse Drawing & Painting Book If:

  • You love horses & want to create your own drawings & paintings of these beautiful animals
  • You want to study the eyes, mane & hair of different types of horses
  • You want to improve your horse drawing & painting techniques

Many artists across centuries have created iconic images of horses. This popular subject is a favorite of artists of all skill levels. In this step-by-step horse painting & drawing book from Jeane Filler Scott will teach you how to draw & paint a horse just like a professional artist. By studying the anatomy and form you’ll be able to capture the elegant lines and graceful movements of different types of horses. This book includes 12 horse drawing & painting projects that take you through different poses, subjects and breeds of horses from start to finish.

Create authentic coats and other realistic characteristics using pencils, acrylics and oils. Draw a formal portrait or paint a playful foal, the choice is yours but the instruction is distinctly Jeane Filler Scott! This horse drawing book also includes how to paint different backgrounds and work from different types of reference photos.

In Draw and Paint Realistic Horses You’ll Learn:

  • How to draw and paint horse manes, legs, eyes, hairs & tails with realism and accuracy
  • Tips & techniques for how to draw & paint a foal, an appaloosa horse & a thoroughbred horse
  • How to draw & paint horses using pencil, acrylics & oils

What Other Artist’s Are Saying:

"Jeanne's passion for horses radiates from this informative and addictive book! Myself an equine artist for 16 years, I found this book to be very motivating and helpful in the techniques of acrylic, oil and pencil and although my own artistic style differs greatly from Jeanne's, her work is inspirational to me. I enjoyed the variety in breeds and Jeanne’s teaching style is easy to follow and uncomplicated. I would recommend this book to any equine artist, no matter your ability, who is passionate about drawing and painting! Finally, an art technique book who's author understands and is knowledgeable about her subject matter is dedicated to the greatest creature on earth- the horse!" — Ainslie Gilles
"I just received this book and it is fantastic. Even if you cannot draw more than stick figures, the artist makes you feel that you can create masterpieces. If you are not into creating your own art, this book stands alone as a wonderful art book with beautiful drawings and paintings by the artist. I would love to see a coffee table book of this artist's work. Highly recommended!" — JoAnn

A Word From the Author

"I did not have my own horse until I was in my late thirties, and I now feel privileged to have eight of these wonderful animals under my protection and care. It’s never been something I take for granted. Read books about horses, study artwork by artists whose work you admire, and seek out any opportunities to observe horses. Even in cities, there are mounted police officers and horse and carriage rides. Other place to look for horses include race tracks, parades and horse shows. The more you see horses up close, the more you will learn.

This book will give you step-by-step instructions for drawing and painting many different kinds of horses in different poses and settings. I have also included drawings to give you more insight into horse anatomy as well as the differences between breeds. I hope you learn a lot and have fun!" — Jeanne Filler Scott
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SKU GROUP-Z6461-W1321
Author/Speaker/Editor Jeanne Filler Scott
ISBN 13 9781600619960
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