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Drawing a Duotone Portrait with Craig Nelson DVD

Format: DVD


Did you know there was a logical order to drawing?

Craig Nelson emphasizes what’s called a logical order to drawing in Drawing with a Duotone Portrait. He compares his drawing process to focusing a photograph, building layers of soft lines and watches of tone before rapidly sharpening his subject with crisp edges and bold darks. With Drawing a Duotone Portrait, you’ll learn this logical order of drawing as well as:

• How to translate angles from a source photo to your paper, looking for reference points to guide you.
• How to create a gentle outline of your subject and then dust in layers of tone, diffusing blocks of color using tissue paper to avoid locking down detail too early in your drawing.
•With values in place, you’ll learn how to finish the drawing with dark charcoal lines and deliberate strokes.
• How to lift out highlights in your drawing using a kneaded eraser.
• And more!

Craig Nelson carves out the character of his subject’s face right before your eyes. Throughout the workshop he emphasizes restraint, “under doing” each step until you find the right moment to bring your subject into focus. As you add the last details of your drawing, you’ll see this logical, intuitive approach to drawing come to fruition!

Format DVD
Runtime 55 minutes

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