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Drawing, Fall 2008 Digital Download

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Even the most fanciful drawings begin with careful study of reality and a lot of hard work.

This instant download issue of Drawing marks the start of a new series of articles under the rubric of Drawing Basics—the foundational skills of drawing are something every artist should practice, just as elite athletes such as Tiger Woods work on their swings and shots for hours at a time every week.

Watts' school is exemplary in its emphasis on drawing fundamentals; our special advertorial section highlights six more schools you may find interesting.

A peek at what you'll find in this issue:

-       Discover the playful graphite drawings of top artist Mark Leithauser whose stunning work are representation of hours of research on the physiognomy of those eccentric mammals.

-       Gather insights from the politically charged depictions of cell-phone towers by Joseph Smolinksi that reveal his thorough knowledge of trees.

-       Learn from artists that prove they are keen observers such as Dan Gheno, with exquisite pen and ink drawings revealing in-depth studies of the human leg.

-       Nurture your drawings with enhanced observation skills underpin the wisdom of decades of artistic life with a look at Goya's late sketchbooks.

-       And more!

Look hard, practice hard, and continually hone your drawing skills with this must-have guide.

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