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Drawing Fall 2012 Digital Download

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Infuse a strong sense of motion, action, and life in your work by learning from expert drawing artists in this must-have issue. Whether you're illustrating figures from literature or life, you'll receive valuable insight into how to draw figures and landscapes that are both realistic and intimate. Give your viewers a dynamic, exciting experience, and begin to:
  • Get an inside peek into how Stephen Cefalo employs various types of preliminary sketching, including compositional studies done on his iPad.
  • Imbue your work with a sense of motion and life with insight from artist and instructor Dan Gheno.
  • Explore Charles Kanwischer's process of depicting streets, fields, and empty lots and begin to understand how slow motion is still motion.
  • For a giant dose of artistic inspiration, take a long stroll through the exhibition of master drawings currently on display at The Frick Collection.
  • Make your drawings burst off the page with action when you explore drawings by Bruegel, Michelangelo, and Natoire.

Get moving with your artwork now with drawing instruction and insight that's sure to bring your sketches to life. Grab your issues of Drawing Fall 2012 now!

SKU EP4392
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